City University of Seattle confirmed strategic cooperation with Van Lang University over the webinar of the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City

(VLU, 17/6/2021On June 16, 2021, with the host of the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, City University of Seattle (CityU) - a partner university with Van Lang University participated in a presentation at the Webinar on the topic “Critical thinking for academic success”, in which CityU affirmed that Van Lang University is one of the important and strategic partners in Vietnam.

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Webinar speakers on June 16, 2021 organized by the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City included Ms. Kell Norman, lecturer at City University of Seattle and Ms. Dieu Tran, representative of CityU in Vietnam.

vlu critical thinking cityu tesolMs. Dieu Tran introduced CityU and its partners around the world, in which, Van Lang University is an important partner in Vietnam.

City University of Seattle is a prestigious private non-profit university established in 1973 in the city of Seattle, Washington State, USA and a member of NUS (National University System) - a large national university system of the United States.

In 2019, Van Lang University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) with CityU on comprehensive cooperation in training fields, especially master's programs. TESOL - an international certificate of English teaching methods, a professional certificate for teachers that is recognized and widely used in over 80 countries and accepted by more than 1000 schools and language centers ​​worldwide. Having obtained a TESOL certificate, students have good job opportunities in any country in the world.

See details about the TESOL program linking CityU - VLU here.

The advantage of the Master of Education in TESOL program co-operated by Van Lang University with CityU is that it helps students to reduce 4 modules (equivalent to 12 credits) if they have studied the TESOL certificate program (5 weeks ) at Van Lang University. Thus, if students continue to study on the Master TESOL program, students have both saved time and tuition fees of about one third of the TESOL master's program. In addition, the program is open to foreign graduates, lecturers, staff, and teachers living and working in Vietnam without having graduated from a university in English language - this is an advantage compared to many other existing TESOL programs.

As expected, the courses of TESOL master's program and TESOL certificate organized by CityU in cooperation with Van Lang University will open after the Covid-19 epidemic situation is under control to meet the needs of students who want to study directly with lecturers from CityU as well as transfer to study at CityU.

Critical thinkingMs. Kel Norman - Lecturer at City University of Seattle speaks on Critical Thinking at the webinar

For much of the remainder of the webinar, attendees talked to Ms. Kel Norman, a City University of Seattle faculty member, about critical thinking. According to Ms. Kel Norman, people with the ability to think critically will often have 5 main manifestations including: always curious and eager to learn; always approach things from different angles; have the ability to think in terms of systems; have the ability to analyze things; being confident in themselves. Through her research on recruitment demand in Vietnam in 2020, Ms. Norman found that critical thinking skills ranked third among the skills that employers require of candidates, even higher than the requirements for candidates' English language skills.

vlu critical thinking cityu tesol bQualities commonly found at people who have the ability to think critically

People possessing good critical thinking skills are often able to evaluate problems in a sharp and multi-dimensional way. As a result, their opinions and arguments become persuasive. Besides, a person with good critical thinking ability is also a model who has a firm and steadfast stance, is difficult to be influenced by others, and is not easily deceived.

Critical thinking is the key to helping students and students learn better. A problem, if analyzed carefully, will easily be engraved in the brain. In the process of teamwork, people possessing good critical thinking skills will help the group's decisions go in the right direction and not be influenced by emotions. Therefore, universities around the world have been putting Critical Thinking into the curriculum as a compulsory subject.

At Van Lang University, Critical Thinking has been a subject of study for first- and second-year students of all disciplines. This interesting and useful subject received positive student feedback. 

Huynh Bao


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