The Faculty of Dentistry organized an online seminar on Occlusion: Muscular Contact position (MCP)

(VLU, 06/6/2021) - At 20:30 pm on June 2, 2021, the Faculty of Dentistry, Van Lang University held the webinar "Occlusion: Muscular Contact position" on facebook platform to help students consolidate their knowledge during online learning and ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The main speaker of the webinar is a dental expert - Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Van Lang University. Webinar received attention and view from more than 300 live viewers, including dental colleagues and students of the Faculty of Dentistry.

VLU Webinar RHM aDr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Van Lang University shared online on the topic Muscular Contact Position (MCP)

Opening the webinar, Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi said: “According to a survey I conducted earlier on 65 people including faculty colleagues and students of the Faculty of Dentistry, it was found that because the definition of the touch point is very long and difficult to remember, almost never mentioned in practice. In the survey, 48 people did not know about muscular touch points and only 17 people heard about it. So today I am going to explain the nature of the touch point so that everyone can understand it better.”

Besides, with many years of practice and teaching experience, Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi found that the point of touching can flexibly change depending on the person's head posture, so most are easily confused. In a straight head position, the normal point of contact will coincide with the maximal intercuspal position

Continuing to investigate the clinical application of the touch point with the number of people who already know this concept, Dr. Phi received 11 answers for TMJ = Temporomandibular joint treatment, the remaining 5 answers were used for dental prosthesis

VLU Webinar RHM bSurvey of Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi shows a lack of muscular contact position training.

In turn, the concepts and characteristics, the important role of the muscular contact position were explained in detail by Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi, with real-life examples of normal and dysfunctional touch points. Thereby, students understand the importance of the touch point better to apply in practice later.

VLU Webinar RHM cBefore and after pictures of patients when being treated for disorders of muscular contact position

After the presentation of Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi finished, a series of questions were continuously raised by the audience, mainly around technical issues and how to treat disorders related to the point of contact. The atmosphere of the livestream was lively until the last minute. The live stream attracted more than 2,000 views at the time it stopped broadcasting and more than 100 comments asked questions during the symposium.

Watch the full webinar here


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