The Faculty of Dentistry held the seminar on Ergonomics in dental practice

(VLU, 23/06/2021) On the issue that that many dentists had musculoskeletal disorders affecting their health and career, Van Lang University’s Faculty of Dentistry on 22 June 2021 had organized an online seminar on “Ergonomics in dental practice” on Zoom meeting and Facebook livestream platforms.

Musculoskeletal disorders are the functional and strutural disorders of the musculoskeletal system including muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves and backbone. The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in Dental practitioners are higher than other healthcare providers as well as in the community. It is a common cause of work-related disability among workers with substantial financial consequences due to workers' compensation  and  medical  expenses.

Faculty of Dentistry, Van Lang University had held a seminar on Ergonomics in dental practice to introduce the preventive methods for musculoskeletal disorders and enhance the health of musculoskeletal system. The seminar was held online on Zoom platform and live-streamed on the Faculty of Dentistry’s fan page. Within less than a week, the online seminar reached 2,600 view counts.

vlu rhm hop li hoa lao dong

The seminar welcomed the presentation of three speakers, who are well-known specialized dentists:

1. Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi, D.D.S., Ph.D - Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Van Lang University.
    Topic: Ergonomics in dental practice a forgoten issue.

The presentation focused on the the following issues:

  • Principles of ergonomics in dental practice to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in order to have an efficient careers.
  • The cause of the disorder is mostly due to inadequate and overstrained posture or exposure to high frequency vibration tools on daily practice.
  • Ergonomics assurance for labor in Dentistry based on four factors: treatment tools, working locations, workloads and working positions of the dentists and the patients. To guarantee these four factors, the dentists must be comprehensive of four principles: elimination, combination, re-arrangement and simplification of work.

vlu rhm hop li hoa lao dong aDr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi reaffirmed: “Once you have guaranteed the principles of ergonomics, you could be able to guarantee the working performance, save time and avoid possible muscular disorders.”

2. Dr. Nguyen Tan Hung, MSc, Endodontist – Head of Department of Endodontics HCMC Central Hospital of Odontostomatology, visiting lecturer of Van Lang University’s Faculty of Dentistry.
Topic: Ergonomics in Endodontics - Clinical considerations

With 30 years of experience in endodontics, Dr. Nguyen Tan Hung shared handy information about ergonomics in endodontics, including:

  • Possible risks of musculoskeletal disorders in endodontics, including various factors such as the utilization of vibration tools in a long period, repetitive actions, grabbing actions for a long time, neutral unbalanced positions of neck, back, shoulders, wrists and extensive concentration in narrow surgery rooms.
  • Practice of ergonomics in endodontics concentrating on the tools, poses of the dentists and patients, and the arrangement of dental instruments within the clinic.
  • Four-hand technique in endodontic treatment, staff training of working procedure with a checklist of treatment procedure.
  • Techniques to simplify the workflow.

In the presentation, Dr. Nguyen Tan Hung shared “musculoskeletal disorder is common in endodontics. Therefore, besides enhancing the muscular performance by exercising, Dental students and dentists must pay attention on selecting the tools with ergonomics design, arranging devices logically, building treatment workflow checklist, as well as being attentive to the working pose, suitable working schedule, new technologies and instrumental application; and four-hand technique.”

vlu rhm hop li hoa lao dong bTreatment checklist workflow is one of the important factors to streamline the workflow in dental care and endodontics.

3. Dr. Nguyen Manh Phu, D.D.S, MSc. - Deputy head of Oral Surgery department, School of Dentistry, Hanoi Medical University.
Topic: Ergonomics in Dentistry - Personal experience.

Based on his own experience with lower back pain due to inadequate posture for a long time, Dr. Nguyen Manh Phu introduced the correct poses of the head, neck, back, body, shoulders, arms, forearms and hands at work; selecting criteria for a standard dental chair: five legs, big rollable wheels, and height, backrest, sitting pad adjusting controller.

The dentists also need to pay attention to nine steps to have a correct sitting position. When working, the dentists should adjust their own pose then the patient’s pose to carry out the treatment easily and promote the performance.

In each topic, all speatkers gave specific illustrated examples to help the audience to better understand the musculoskeletal disorder and how to streamline the workflow by checking their own work habit, dental devices and treatment pose to avoid possible occupational diseases.

The seminar received many questions related to ergonomics, advice for the best dental devices such as magnifying glass, wireless hand-drill, dental operating light. Moreover, Dr. Tran Ngoc Quang Phi also introduced the exercises to enhance the flexibility and durability of hands, wrists, and fingers for endodontists and to avoid the possible musculoskeletal disorders in the long run.

Reporter: Mỹ Tiên

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