The Environment Family - the past and now

In the period 1990 - 1995, with the vision of developing human resources for the field of Environment of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the Southern region in general, Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet with the founders and administrators of Van Lang University at that time start to build a training program in Environmental Engineering Technology (starting enrollment in 1995).

After 26 years of development, 26 courses of students have been trained to become a strong force in the Environmental industry in labor market and scientific research field. These masters, doctorates, researchers, directors of environmental companies and many generations are the result of Van Lang University in general and Faculty of Technology in particular.

The first bricks

vlu gia dinh moi truong aDr. Nguyen Trung Viet – Former Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology and Management, Van Lang University

The past 26 years have been a challenging but also very proud journey for the lecturers and students of the Faculty of Technology, Environmental Engineering Technology sector. Starting from the REFINE project that Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - former Dean of the Faculty cooperated with Wageningen University (Netherlands) to train professional staff and transfer training programs of international standards, Van Lang University began to lay the first foundation bricks to build talented generations who have left many imprints in the field of Technology and Environment research in domestic and international.

Up to now, Van Lang University’s Environment sector is one of the leading units in the field of scientific research and technology transfer, with 77 international projects, more than 80 domestic projects, hundreds of articles and scientific researches at all levels.

vlu gia dinh moi truong bProfessor Arthur Mol - Rector of Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Mr. Joost van Buuren - lecturer at Wageningen University are the people who have laid the foundation of close cooperation with the Faculty of Environment of Van Lang University since the beginning

It can be said that the sense of responsibility, pioneering and sacrifice for education of Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet and the teachers in the early days of establishment have become unforgettable imprints, spreading fire and sowing in the hearts of generations of VLU Environmental engineers a vision, love for the profession, and a desire to contribute to the social development.

Despite the changing of the times and social needs, the professional values and products from the leading generations still bear the proud imprint of the Environment Family.

vlu gia dinh moi truong cGenerations of lecturers in Faculty of Environment in the past

Breakthrough steps for sustainable development

Theory associated with reality is the guideline for the teaching and learning process of lecturers and students in Environmental Engineering Technology. Currently, many generations of alumni have been steadily developing their careers, becoming bright factors in the field and being a solid support for juniors.

vlu gia dinh moi truong dAlumnus Dang Huyen Chau (Course 13) received the Falling Walls Scientific Research Award – the prestigious award in Germany

vlu gia dinh moi truong eMSc. Lam Tuan Qui, alumnus of the first course, returns to sponsor students as Director of Van Lang Industrial Waste Treatment and Environmental Consultant Co., Ltd.

The field of Environment in these days and age is still potential and challenges. While society's need to solve environmental problems is extremely large, students in this field have become scarce. In recent years, Faculty of Technology of Van Lang University has been a pioneer to open a number of completely new training programs, such as Business Environmental Governance, Green Building; with the hope of gradually positioning some new directions for learners.

Most recently, the Environment family gathered Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet and many generations of alumni to join hands to develop new policies for Enrollment in the Environment majors in 2021. Thanks to the companionship of the Environment Alumni Club, Van Lang University issued Announcement on Scholarship Policy and job commitment for new students entering the Environmental Group in 2021, with "unprecedented" policies:

  • Enrollment scholarship worth 25% - 100% of first year’s tuition fee for students K27 majoring in Environment at Van Lang University.
  • 100% job commitment with starting salary from 12-18 million VND/month for students majoring in Environment at partner companies.

vlu gia dinh moi truong fStudent of Environment major at Van Lang University, although traveling all over Vietnam's provinces and cities and all over the world, when they returned to school, they still remembered the days of completing the deadline of Mr. Viet, the days of staying up all night to correct Ms. Dieu's course project… Memories create a close relationship like a family.

Witnessing the development of Van Lang University today, generations of students are secretly happy because it is also part of the efforts of the Environment family. Understand the love of the place where environmental engineers were born, to see the old teachers and other generations continuing what the Environment family was devoted to that day, still pondering and making efforts today.

Dr. Huynh Tan Loi
Alumnus of the Course 25 of Environmental Engineering Technology


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