60 days "Shaping the future" with Van Lang University

(VLU, 11/01/2021) - For 3 weeks from December 1 to December 20, 2020, "Career Orientation Program" organized by the Student Capability Development Center (VLU) has approached more than 27,000 students, 85 businesses, bringing more than 200 job opportunities for Van Lang students. 91% of students who participated were satisfied with the content and the outcomes achieved through the program.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the need for digital transformation in services and education, the Job Fair Program has been adjusted to digital and deployed on communication technology platforms including 3 live training sessions, 3 Webinar sessions on Teams platform exclusively for Van Lang students and 3 Livestream sessions on Facebook Student Capacity Development Center. All programs attracted many students to attend who left positive feedback on the content they learned and experienced.

vlu thang huong nghiep kIn order to ensure public health, some programs are "digitized" by transforming their organizational form.

Not only diverse in the format, the Career Orientation Program 2020 was also diverse in the content with career topics such as "Building application and CV", "Finding the first job", “Discovering interests and passions” and expanded on many other topics that are close and attractive to other students: “Influential people: Happy or suffering”, “How to keep money” or “Love attachment - emotional understanding”.

vlu thang huong nghiep cWith diverse and practical topics, the workshops attracted a large number of students to attend.

In addition to the interesting and quality programs, Career Month 2020 also had activities to support individual Van Lang students such as:

  • The eJob website to update vacancies exclusively for Van Lang students;
  • Career Kiosk station organized by a group of 18 Career Ambassador students to support with career guidance and quickly answer questions for students;
  • The individual career counseling program with experts has approached nearly 500 Van Lang students.

vlu thang huong nghiep iVan Lang students participated in collective activities and practice skills under the guidance of experts.

vlu thang huong nghiep mVan Lang students participate in quizzes with prizes at Career Kiosk. This is one of many exciting activities that take place in parallel with the main program series.

vlu thang huong nghiep eIn addition, Van Lang University also cooperates with the Asia Pacific Career Expert Community in Vietnam to develop career guidance content based on the "Circle of Life" model that establishes relationships based on the Psychological theory, knowledge and skills for career planning.

vlu thang huong nghiep dVan Lang students freely express their thoughts and concerns in career orientation and receive enthusiastic advice from experts.

The career month of Van Lang University ended with many imprints and success. Most of the topics and programs organized by Van Lang students are highly appreciated by Van Lang students for their diversity and quality content with 91% of satisfaction scores and very satisfied when being surveyed.

Career guidance is a journey and will be periodically maintained with appropriate activities such as personal counseling, career orientation workshops, self-development seminars and recruitment news from the labor market, etc. The success of the career orientation program themed "Shaping your future" this school year 2020-2021 will be a source of inspiration and positive motivation for Van Lang University to continue to bring many useful programs for students in the future.

List of businesses participating in job fairs for the academic year 2020-2021

MSc Nguyen Do Thanh Ha
Director of the Student Capability Development Center of Van Lang University
Photo: Thinh Tran - Quoc Dat - Student Capability Development Center

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