Van Lang University joins hands with the City to fight against Covid-19 pandemic

(VLU14/06/2021) - Amidst the intensive situation of the fourth Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, Van Lang University has enthusiastically encouraged the lecturers, staff and students to join hands and donate for the organizations and forces in needs in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


From 04 to 12 June 2021, VLU Youth Union in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs and University’s Union has launched the “Van Lang Spirit Amidst the Pandemic” Campaign to call for donation of funds and rations. VLU lecturers, staff and students may make cash or in-kind donations such as surgeon gloves, masks, anti-drop face shields, raincoats, bucket hats and other rations like instant noodles, cookies, instant food.

As a result, Van Lang University has successfully funded 230 million dong. Of which, VLU spent 60 million to make a 20-million-dong cash donation and 300 hazmat suits, 300 boxes of face masks, 500 anti-drop face shields and various types of rations for the Youth Union of Go Vap District and Binh Thanh District. The remaining funds will be sent to other regions in need and Vietnam's national Covid-19 vaccine funds as soon as possible.

vlu dh van lang ung ho phong chong covid aBesides the in-kind donations, Van Lang University also gifted 10 million VND to support the local pandemic fighting forces.

vlu dh van lang ung ho phong chong covid cVan Lang University provided the Youth Union of Binh Thanh District with 10 million VND in cash and other rations.

At the same time, to develop and promote the awareness toward protecting the social health in the Covid-19 pandemic context, early in June 2021, VLU’s Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology has launched the funding campaign to assist the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The activity received enthusiastical support from both the lecturers and students. On the evening of 04 June 2021, the representatives of the Faculty gave a cash donation of 20 million dong to the Vietnam Youth Federation in Ho Chi Minh City at the Cultural House for the Youth. This act was to ease the difficulties of the front-line forces.

vlu dieu duong aLecturer Vu Long and Le Vu Kim Thi representing the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology gifted the cash-donation to the Vietnam Youth Federation in HCMC

Participating in the campaign to fight against the pandemic, students Bich Tran and Huy Khanh (Medical Testing students of course 26) said: “In the current pandemic context, millions of Vietnamese people have been united. This occasion is the time to demonstrate our united and caring spirit to stand strong. Though I could only contribute a small part to the cause, I do believe that we can make great things from small actions and share the love to one another.”

vlu dieu duongThe appreciation letter from the Cultural House for the Youth honoring the contribution of VLU’s Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology to the cause.

Once again, the united and responsible spirit of Van Lang University has approached the society and created true values. We hope that these meaningful activities will inspire the young generations to contribute more to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam.


Kim Thi - The Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology
Hoai Anh (collected)

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