21st Emulation Department Arts Festival: Lecturers bring the reputation to Van Lang University

(VLU, 25/4/2021) - On April 24, 2021, Van Lang University participated in the "21st Emulation Department Arts Festival", promoting the image of Van Lang University and the talents of Van Lang faculty, staff and students with a large number of students and friends in the Ho Chi Minh City area.

The “21st Emulation Department Arts Festival'' was held by Saigon Technology University, titled "Vietnam - firm belief in victory". This event aims to praise the love of Vietnam's homeland, country and people, praise the Party and Uncle Ho, the glorious revolutionary tradition of the nation, and praise Vietnam's success in covid-19 prevention.

Joining the atmosphere of the whole country to join hands to compete, establishing a record of welcoming many important events in the historic April, after more than 1 month of training with the participation of representatives of staff, lecturers and students from many faculties, Van Lang University has excellently won the "Best School Introduction Performance" award and the third prize of the “21st Emulation Department Arts Festival” this year.

Vlu cong doan dien van nghe j


Vlu cong doan dien van nghe dThe meaningful performance "School of Dreams" is highly appreciated at the contest

Vlu cong doan dien van nghe g"Vietnam's Strength" brings a variety of colors to the stage of the “21st Emulation Department Arts Festival”

It is known that the special thing about the performances is the participation of staff, lecturers working at Van Lang University and the song "School of Dreams" - the work of Mr. Vinh Thien - Lecturer of the Faculty of Applied Arts. This is a completely new composition of musician - lecturer Vinh Thien, contributing to conveying the message of the vibrant, youthful and enthusiastic spirit of the generation, the team of Van Lang University on the way to devote themselves to the mission of education and training.

Vlu cong doan dien van nghe aThe performance is the enthusiasm of the delegation of lecturers and students Van Lang introduced about VLU

Vlu cong doan dien van nghe bVan Lang's image was introduced in a lively and attractive way through the performance of Van Lang lecturers and students

Vlu cong doan dien van nghe c

The contest has the participation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Ngoc Doanh - Dean of Applied Arts Faculty of Van Lang University, is one of the representatives from the schools on the Jury. In addition, the jury of the professional jury also has the participation of professional lecturers and artists such as:

  1. Meritorious Artist Director - Actor Ngo Pham Hanh Thuy - Member of the Board of Directors of The Film Association of Ho Chi Minh City.
  2. MA. Le Thi Ai Lien - Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Film.
  3. Singer-songwriter Nguyen Dinh Vu.

Vlu cong doan dien van nghe kThe contest is an opportunity for schools to strengthen relationships, raise the spirit of the unite.


Phung Le Van
Faculty of Public Relations and Communications (PR)

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