Van Lang University welcomes new students for the 2nd phase in 2020

(VLU, October 15, 2020) - On October 12th, 13th and 14th, 2020, Van Lang University organized a program to welcome new students and citizen activities for students of the 26th course. This continues to be an opportunity for first-year students to learn about the school, make new friends and immerse themselves in the vibrant and inspiring living atmosphere of Van Lang University.

As a special program of the series of activities to welcome new students of Van Lang University in the academic year 2020 - 2021, the Welcome New Students "Orientation Day" took place at Trinh Cong Son Hall with the participation of representatives of the school's leadership and inspiring celebrities who attracted thousands of Vietnamese students to study in the second phase.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan dot hai bThe speech to start the program by Associate Professor Ph.D Tran Thi My Dieu is derived from the sharing from new students of the 26th course.

vlu sinh hoat cong dan dot hai cM.A. Tran Dinh Dung - Director of Khue Van Academy brings Van Lang students an interesting lesson about the ultimate purpose of learning - "What is learning for?"

In addition to the opening activity to learn about the new university environment, the new students of Course 26 also listened to useful experiences and received many musical gifts from famous characters such as: Runner-up - Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen, singer Vicky Nhung , singer Ha Nhi, singer Ali Hoang Duong..

vlu sinh hoat cong dan dot hai jIn addition to the inspiring sharing "Pressure is the challenge that when we overcome, I feel very satisfied", the runner-up - Supermodel Vo Hoang Yen also guided the catwalk technique right on stage for the new students of Course 26 of Van Lang University.

At the  Civic Talk Show in the afternoon of October 13th and the morning of October 14th, new students of the 26 th course (2nd phase) also participated in on-site collective activities led by Green Backpack Skills Club. They listened to the attractive music performance from guitar club and answered all questions about the university learning environment that they will experience in the coming time by the consultants who are staff and lecturers of the school.

Topics of Civic Talk show:
1/ What is special in Van Lang?
2/ Phishing alerts and cybersecurity issues
3/ Effective methods for university study
4/ Introduction of Associations and Clubs for Students
5/ Specialized talk on student's awards
6/ Rehearse the traditional song "Van Lang university"


vlu sinh hoat cong dan dot hai nWelcoming New Students in Course 26 and Civic Talk Show is an opportunity for you to participate in collective activities, answer questions about life, study and connect with new friends.

Congratulations to the New Students of the 26th Course on officially joining the Van Lang family! Wish you interesting experiences in your upcoming student life, accompanying Van Lang University to become people who bring positive changes to the community.

Writer: Hoai Anh
Image: Thinh Tran - Nhat Huy

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