“Ilimo Campa from archaeology” - latest published research work from VLU’s Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies

(VLU, July 17, 2020) - In June 2020, VLU’s Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies in collaboration with The Gioi publishers had published the research study Ilimo Campa from archaeology by Dr. Ngo Minh Hung and MA. Quang Van Son.

The Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development Studies (INCHES) was established on 07 October 2019, and was the first institute specializing in heritage studies in Vietnam’s higher education systems. The institute was equipped with 3D VR Google to help audiences learn about the cultural heritages. With the goal to become the preserving and developing center for Vietnam’s cultural heritage, INCHES concentrated on carrying out the internationalized research studies for Van Lang University.

Recently, VLU’s INCHES had successfully published the research studies “Ilimo Campa from archaeology” to supply more material and clarify the existing issues related to Champa cultural heritage preservation. In the last few years, Champa cultural heritages (including architectures, sanctuaries, temple complexes, rock, brick and porcelain sculptures, artifacts, religious relics made from valuable artistic materials and especially My Son sanctuary.) are disappearing as a reminder for the emerging preservation needs for these types of heritage.

vlu ilimo campa aThe monograph “Ilimo Campa from archaeology” composed by Dr. Ngo Minh Hung and MA. Quang Van Son (INCHES) and published in June 2020.

MA. Quang Van Son shared “VLU’s INCHES had organized two online workshops themed on “Architectural Heritage” and “The World’s Cultural Heritage in My Son (Quang Nam) - from studies to preservation” for VLU and HCMUT’s Architecture students. In late June, the two authors were also invited to attend HCMUT’s “Scientific conference and Evaluation sessions for the students’ research output after the field trip to the historic sites in Quang Nam - Da Nang.” These activities allowed the authors to carry out in-depth research on the preservation of Champa cultural heritage.

vlu ilimo campa cMA. Quang Van Son restored a brass artifact in Quang Nam province.

vlu ilimo campa dDr. Ngo Minh Hung and MA. Quang Van Son attended the Scientific conference on “Heritage tour in the central areas: DA NANG - MY SON - HOI AN - CU LAM CHAM” and evaluate the research outcomes of the HCMUT students after their field trip to the historic sites in Quang Nam - Da Nang in June 2020.

As a part of the project on preservation of Champa Cultural Heritage, VLU’s INCHES will continue to carry out research studies, surveys, field trips, records, digitalizations, and standardization tasks for Champa Cultural Heritage in the central areas of Vietnam. There were also seminars in architectural heritage organized to promote the cultural heritage value of Champa and develop the Vietnam cultural heritages.

Collected by Tue Khanh

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