Vietnamese Teachers' Day at Van Lang University: Warm love between teachers, students and colleagues

Van Lang University celebrated Vietnamese Teachers' Day in the month of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the school and received the third-class Labor Medal. On these exciting days,  the leaders, staff, and lecturers welcomed the meaningful Tet holiday season.

Annually , as tradition, Vietnam Teachers' Day on November 20th is always a big holiday for the leaders, lecturers, staff and students of Van Lang University. On this day, the Honor Ceremony for the silent rowers, at Campus 1, 2 and 3 of Van Lang University, teachers gathered to celebrate Tet together with their colleagues. At the same time, the leaders of Van Lang University, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - The Principal of Van Lang University, Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Permanent Vice Principal, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Ang - Vice Principal and the representatives of departments visited and gave gifts to faculties, institutes and functional rooms on Vietnam Teachers' Day November 20th.

vlu ngay nha giao oThe Board of Directors and representatives of departments and divisions visited and gave gifts to Dr. Nguyen Dac Tam – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University in the morning of November 20th

vlu ngay nha giao VP CTHDQTThe atmosphere of Nov 20th at the Office of Chairmans

vlu ngay nha giap khoa ky thuat aThe Board of Directors visited, congratulated and gave gifts to the Faculty of Automotive Technology, Faculty of Applied Arts, Faculty of Engineering

vlu ngay nha giao khoa kien truc b Gathering with former lecturers, lecturers and students of different generations of Faculty of Architecture

Previously, on November 18, a meeting with visiting lecturers of Van Lang University took place warmly at the N2T1 Hall. More than 300 visiting lecturers from universities gathered on the anniversary of the Teachers' Charter to share and review the memories of deep connection to  Van Lang University.

vlu ngay nha giao gv thinh giang aCeremony for visiting lecturers took place warmly at N2T1 Hall on November 18th

The tradition of "Gratitude and Honors to Teachers" has always been inherited by faculty, staff, and students of Van Lang University. In any era, the teaching career is always considered a noble profession to train new generations for a more prosperous country. Wishing the teachers - the silent ferryman health, peace, with continuous burning enthusiasm, passion for the career of "nurturing humans".

News: Hồng Ngân
Photos: Lee Minh Phương – Nhật Huy – Phi Anh Khánh Thịnh

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