Talk show “From the chair to the house” - connecting VLU generations

(VLU, 19/12/2020) - On 17 December 2020, VLU’s Industrial Design major had organized the talk show “From the chair to the house” welcoming the special guests from LAITA Design. This event provided Fine Arts and Design students with the opportunities to listen to the sharing, learn the organizing method and improve the mindset in design.

The talk show welcomed three representatives from LAITA Design, who were experienced and award-winning architects and designers specialized in architecture - interior design, interior - product design and other related creative activities. Moreover, those special guests themselves were VLU alumni, which were Arc. Nguyen Dinh Hoa (Alumni of course 11), Designer Nguyen Thi Thai Hang (Alumni of course 11) and MA. Arc. Bui Minh Tuong (Alumni of course 18).

vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha fMA. Arc. Bui Minh Tuong, key controller of the event, had introduced a mini-game to share the basic and important terms in the field of design for VLU students.

From the perspective of a designer and a businessman, by organizing the crossword game, the speaker had introduced to VLU students the important definitions such as ODM (Original - Design - Manufacturer), OEM (Original - Equipment - Manufacturer), B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer); and analyzed the terms and influencing factors to a designer’s career and possible setbacks.

vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha cDesigner Nguyen Thi Thai Hang shared her story when she had to travel to Phu Yen to work on the Nghe seesaw. The product was exhibited at the Kidzone of Uniqlo Dong Khoi store.

vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha h“Currently, we have not yet been able to internationally encrypt with these designs. So, how can we encrypt our own design?” - Dr. Do Anh Tuan - Head of VLU’s Industrial Design division evaluated.

In the talk show, LAITA had introduced to VLU students Architectural Thinking. Besides, the term Interdisciplinary in Design was also a topic of discussion. These terms allowed architects, designers and engineers to approach and overcome the existing problems in many fields and promise limitless and improving creativity.

vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha eVLU students expressed their interest in the stories and analyzations of the alumni and the lecturers of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha gArc. Nguyen Dinh Hoa recommended a hand book to help students connect the ideas from different stages of thinking.

vlu talkshow cai ghe ngoi nha iThe talk show was not only an educational session for the students but also an opportunity to connect VLU generations.

Talk show “From the chair to the house” provided the Industrial Design and Interior Design students with not only the professional knowledge, but also an opportunity for VLU generations to connect and share the flame of inspiration. The lessons from the older brothers and sisters, who lived their best for their career would help nurture the love and determination for Fine Arts and Design students for their future career.

To be an interdisciplinary designing and creative firm established in 2018, in 2020, LAITA received two prizes in the Red Dot Award - Design Concept - One of the most accredited awards in product design.
Having the advantages in limitless interdisciplinary creativity from human resources, art styles and geographic factors, LAITA consists of a collection of interdisciplinary architects, engineers and designers strongly collaborating with one another as a solid form employing the Architectural brainstorming process. LAITA always offers strategic, breakthrough and highly efficient design solutions for their customers.

Hoài Anh

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