VLU Library organized the Book-introducing talkshow “Chu xua con mot chut nay”

(VLU, 25/04/2021) - On 24 April 2021, VLU Library had organized the book-introducing talkshow “Chu xua con mot chut nay'' by author Nguyen Thuy Dung. In the event, the author and VLU students had discussed the appropriate use of vocabulary in daily life.

On the morning of 24 April 2021, the book-introducing talkshow “Chu xua con mot chut nay” organized by VLU Library and Wave Books Publishing took place with the participation of VLU students. The talkshow did not only introduce the new book to the students but was also the celebration for Vietnamese Book’s Day on 21 Aprile and the World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April dedicated for booklovers.

vlu chu xua con mot chut nay bThe talkshow introducing “Chu xua con mot chut nay” book attracted booklovers from VLU.

The event had the participation of author Nguyen Thuy Dung; Mr. Tran Duy Thanh - representative of the publishing firm - Wave Books Company; Mr. Phan Van Khoa - Deputy Director of VLU Library and many other library staff and VLU students.

“Chu xua con mot chut nay” was considered a dictionary accumulated and refined from the fanpage Ngay ngay viet chu explaining Vietnamese phrases in interesting and informative ways or reminding usual word use mistakes in daily life. The book introduced not only the values in linguistics but also the practical uses in daily life.

vlu chu xua con mot chut nay fProficiency in Language is divided into two levels: correct use and meaningful use. It is important to practice the language correctly first, because we cannot write meaningfully if we do not use the language properly.” - said the author Nguyen Thuy Dung.

At the end of the talkshow, author Nguyen Thuy Dung had shared how she got the inspiration in languages and how she fighted to keep the title of the book for it might not be attractive to young people. Besides, she also spent more time on discussing with the students. Per author’s sharing, to memorize more meaningful words, we must learn to archive the vocabulary systematically and suitably depending on the fields; and strengthen reading and “highlighting” skills anytime possible.

vlu chu xua con mot chut nay cVLU students shared the usual issues of language use at works

vlu chu xua con mot chut nay aAuthor Nguyen Thuy Duy signed and gifted the books to VLU students.

The book-introducing talk show “Chu xua con mot chut nay” by Nguyen Thuy Dung was organized not only to provide knowledge, new and correct perspectives toward languages, but also to inspire book-reading habits to VLU students.

Reporter: Mai Thy
Photographer: Đang Anh

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