Basket Boat Concert - Returning to the Region of Childhood Memories

On the evening of November 4, 2020, Violinist Son Mach and TUSO Symphony Orchestra The United Saigon Orchestra had a successful night at Trinh Cong Son Hall - main Campus of Van Lang University, opening the tour "The Basket Boat: Domain of Memories".

The violinist and conductor, Son Vuong, is also Mach Thai Son - a student of the 11th Class of The Faculty of Foreign Languages of Van Lang University. After graduating and working at the bank, Thai Son decided to follow the musical path to become a professional violinist and founded TUSO The United Saigon Orchestra – a music community in Ho Chi Minh City that brings together young artists with the same passion in 2018.

vlu dem nhac chiec thuyen nan son mach dAs a familiar face through many festival programs in VLU, Violinist Son Mach today appeared in a new role - conductor of tuso symphony orchestra.

The artist Son Mach said that the symphony orchestra performed in the concert "Basket Boat: Domain of Memories" was built as a mini symphony orchestra of 9 selected people, performing 10 children's music works compiled by Artist Son Mach to suit the age of listeners and the characteristics of a symphony orchestra.

vlu dem nhac chiec thuyen nan son mach bBy charming and charismatic guidance, Son Mạch artist helps young Van Lang students understand more about the basic processes and positions of a symphony orchestra

vlu dem nhac chiec thuyen nan son mach aNot only listening to the melodious music, Van Lang students also "try" to be conductors, try with the melody of the familiar song "I go to kindergarten", under the guidance of the professional artist and piano teacher of tuso symphony

Basket boat is an adult children's music night long cherished by Son Mach. He confided: "The Basket Boat tour is inspired by Vietnamese children's music, which is composed according to the chamber symphony. We must have heard or played many foreign animated music such as Disney, Dreamworks,... but as for Vietnamese children's music, why not? We do. But there are not many musicians in Vietnam who compose old children's songs from decades ago. So Son decided to try his best and finally did it. Hopefully, with The Basket Boat: The Domain of Memories, we will bring something about symphony music that is still rich in Vietnamese flavors and contemporary breath to you here."

vlu dem nhac chiec thuyen nan son mach cAs a symphony night performing children's music for adults, the program has attracted many audiences who are music lovers, Van Lang students and the Board of Directors, officials, teachers and staff of Van Lang University.

The Basket Boat is a journey to find the past of a boy living in the technology age, focusing only on video games and neglecting the surrounding relatives, forgetting simple but very important spiritual values such as fairy tales, childhood songs that nourish the soul.

vlu dem nhac chiec thuyen nan son mach gThe concert ended with the heroic song “Van Lang University” and the enthusiastic applause from the audience present.

At the concert, artist Son Mach shared: "Van Lang is the departure for the concert tour because Son is a former student of Van Lang. The beginning here is like Son being back in his loving house and performing for his family to see the most." Hopefully, with the first success of the Van Lang family, TUSO symphony orchestra and the artist Son Mach will be motivated to achieve more success in the tour "Nan Boat: Domain of Memories".


Author: Hoài Anh
Image: Thùy Giang

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