Actor Kha Nhu, Composer Ho Hoai Anh, Singer Hoang Bach and Runner up Thuy Dung inspire new students of Van Lang University

(VLU, September 23, 2020) - In order to inspire new students to be more confident and have better preparation for their future, Van Lang University’s new Course 26 students welcome program brought some inspirational stories. They are all about conquering dreams journey from famous successful and influential people in society.

vlu truyen cam hungVan Lang University’s new students listened attentively influencers’ stories about their journey to conquer their dreams

vlu truyen cam hung aActor Kha Nhu shared about her difficulties on her journey to make her dream come true and advised students “Success is in your hand and you are the one who makes it so try hard to live every day meaningful”.

When talking to students, actor Kha Nhu sincerely shared her success stories, advising students to have a vision, love themselves and never give up on their journeys. Kha Nhu now is known as a talented actor, film director, producer, businesswoman with many awards, such as Champion Together Shining 2014, Champion Laughing Across Vietnam 2016 with Buffalo comedy group, Mai Vang Award - Artist of the Year, etc. She also gained 3 diplomas from University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema.

vlu truyen cam hung eeMeritorious artist Ho Hoai Anh shared with new students about his journey to become a beloved artist “Dreams are not just words or theories. You should practice, take time to walk step by step and once you gain it, you have to keep it”

vlu truyen cam hung g

vlu truyen cam hung hHo Hoai Anh interacted to new students to understand and inspire them

At the welcome ceremony for new K26 students, song composer Ho Hoai Anh advised students to believe in themself and act as soon as possible to approach the new and good things in life.

vlu truyen cam hung iBefore saying goodbye, Ho Hoai Anh sang the song of Da LAB “The Youth” to cheer and encourage new students.

vlu truyen cam hung lArtist Hoang Bach also shared with new students his life journey of overcoming difficulties to reach success. With him, stumbling is an opportunity to reflect on yourself, identify your mistakes then fix them as failure is mother of success

vlu truyen cam hung mWith the spirit of forever 20 years old, Artist Hoang Bach fully conveyed his message by his singing to new students of Van Lang.

vlu truyen cam hung nThe runner up Thuy Dung told a story of her colorful student life

When she was a new student, she used to be shocked with new university life where she had to do everything herself. She lost confidence, even became a shy girl. However, she did not want to become like this, hence she tried to be calm, self-balanced and step by step overcome difficulty.

In this program, the runner up Thuy Dung shared her experience when she was in university such as the relationship between teacher and students in university is based on respect and building common benefits. Students have to know their limits and reduce time on social media to focus on studying and real life.

vlu truyen cam hung pNew students showed their gratefulness to her sincere and worthy sharing from her

Each guest speaker who came to Van Lang University brings stories from different points of views. They are challengings, difficulties as well as joyfulness and happiness. Everyone has their own dreams but the common thing is their destination is the best version of themselves. In order to gain this, they have to keep confidence and never stop trying. This is the trustworthy message that all guest speakers want to convey to all students of Van Lang as well as new Course 26 students.

By: Thanh Tien
Photo: Khanh Thinh - Nhat Huy

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