Van Lang University launched the “Sailing” Start-up Ideas Contest 2021

(VLU, 26/04/2021) - On the morning of 24 April 2021, in celebration of the launching ceremony of the Start-up Ideas Contest themed on “Sailing 2020”, Van Lang University had welcome 16 participating teams advancing to the second round and signing the agreements with the Saigon Hi-Tech Park Incubation Center (SHTP-IC) to help provide young business leaders with studying and creative opportunities.

The Start-up Ideas Contest themed on “Sailing 2020” organized by Van Lang University offered the chances for students with start-up eagers. Through contests, discussions, and studies with well-known speakers and other students citywide, the activity aimed to encourage the enthusiasm, passion and creative thinking among VLU students and all other students citywide.

vlu khoi dong chuogn trinh ra khoi aThe kick-off event of the Start-up Ideas Contest themed on “Sailing 2020” introduced 16 teams advancing to the second round.

After the preliminary round - Idea, the Organizing Committee had narrowed down 16 teams with creative start-up ideas. In the second round - “Persuasion - Business Model”, 16 participating teams would attend the training workshops delivered by the experienced mentors to receive instructions on how to accomplish the project, carry out the direct communication plan, and persuade the investors taking place at Van Lang University from 13 to 15 May.

vlu khoi dong chuogn trinh ra khoi bVan Lang University signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Saigon Hi-Tech Park focusing on facilitating the studying and developments for the students.

With the educational philosophy of “Learning from the experience” and the goals to persistently provide students with the opportunities for realistic approaches while studying, Van Lang University had constantly extended the industrial network to offer new chances for its students. During the ceremony on 24 April, the University had signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Saigon Hi-Tech Park - a direct under company of the government, to facilitate the individuals, groups or industrial organizations to start-up, promote faster development for the companies and minimize the costs and risks.

vlu khoi dong chuogn trinh ra khoi cThe Talk show introducing start-up experience among successful businessmen and lecturers.

One of the special parts of the Start-up Idea “Sailing 2020” was the talented, successful and well-known mentors in Business fields. The training workshop in the second round commenced with the talk show with four key speakers:

  • Mr. Lam Minh Chanh - Head of the CEO training programs for business owners; Director of the BizUni Business School;
  • Mr. Le Thanh Nguyen - Director of SHTP
  • Mr. Trinh Minh Cuong - Co-founder of Happy Young House; Formed President of VLU student union;
  • Dr. Nguyen Quynh Mai - Dean of VLU’s Faculty of Business Administration; Co-founder and CFO of Wines of America - USA; Co-founder of Mai Thuy Technology Trading and Consultancy Co., Ltd.

vlu khoi dong chuogn trinh ra khoi fA participants shared his start-up idea in the psychological field aiming to help freshmen to relieve pressure and shock during the time adapting to a new studying and living environment.

We hope the start-up projects of 16 participating teams advancing to the second round will be executed smoothly and create meaningful values for the students themselves and the society in the near future.

Reporter: Hoai Anh
Photographer: Nhat Huy


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