Photo reportage: Exploding Music Night - the opening festival welcomes the new students of VLU's course 26

In the evening of November 11th, 2020, the "Opening Ceremony – New Student Course 26" of Van Lang University will take place at Hoa Lu Stadium (District 1) with the spirit of enthusiasm and excitement of thousands of new students. In the heart of bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the Festival Night has increased the heat and dynamic here with youth and Van Lang.

In order to welcome the new school year, welcome a new generation to VLU as well as create beautiful and impressive experiences for new students when entering the university, the Opening Festival has long become a traditional beauty of Van Lang community. This year, the Opening Festival is also of special significance towards the 25th anniversary of the school's establishment.vlu hoi khai giang c

In the evening of November 11, 2020, thousands of new students had the opportunity to take part in Van Lang's magnificent and special festival at Hoa Lu Stadium, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The program consists of two main parts: The Formal Ceremony and the Festival Section with three main areas: food booths, folk games areas and art stages.

vlu hoi khai giang da

The image of a young and dynamic Van Lang can be easily seen in the folk games areas organized by the university's student clubs: Stall jumping, collective rope jumping, bag jumping, water polo,etc.

Not yet entering the official party, the pre-party atmosphere has begun vivid by the exciting performances and exchanges of clubs, dance groups, favorite bands in Van Lang as well as prominent faces at van Lang's Got talent semi-finals in 2020.

Perhaps the rare moments of deposition also left many feelings of pride for new students. It is the traditional flag ceremony to the music of Van Lang University song. The Formal Ceremony is brief enough for students to understand more about the culture and tradition of Van Lang. From here, you will be more in love than the roof of the University, which will stick with you for the next 4 years.

vlu hoi khai giang r

vlu hoi khai giang ra

In particular, within the framework of the ceremony, the representatives of Shinhan Bank awarded the "Payment of tuition fees and donations as you like" to 8 lucky students.

vlu hoi khai giang x

After the formal moments of the Ceremony, the grand music party has really started with a series of special performances from clubs, bands, dance groups that are popular in Van Lang, such as: CDs Crew, Red Show, L.I.T, Poong Crew ,... and singing performances: Who cares, Urban Night (Do Hoang Tran),...

Especially after the Ao Dai Performance: Top 14 Miss and Mister, the Organizing Committee has officially announced the launch of Miss and Mister 2020.

In particular, new students also have the opportunity to go on stage to exchange and enjoy the best with the men and women in CDs Crew.

vlu hoi khai giang sd

The climax of the Concert Night is the appearance of the super stars that are popular with young people today.

vlu hoi khai giang tbaCute and cheerful songs such as "Your grandparents", "One plus one", "It is today". They are associated with his name and attractively performed by Le Thien Hieu in front of thousands of students.

Writer: Thanh Tien
Photos: Duy Bảo,  Đăng Anh, Văn Tâm,  Khôi Nguyên,  Anh Tình,  Khánh Thịnh, Ngọc Phước

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