Music Night “Remember the ancient capital”: VLU brings heritage closer to students

(VLU, July 13, 2020) - Van Lang University organized a music and arts night on 4th, July 2020 with the theme “Remember the ancient capital” with the participation of the Royal Court Music Club and Ca Hue Phu Xuan. There were so many famous artists, in order to honor the cultural heritage of Vietnam - an art form honored by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: Hue Royal Refined Music.

Hue Royal Refined Music and a journey to become Heritage of Humanity

Hue Royal Refined Music is a type of music performed in festivals or events respecting feudalism since the 13th century. The Ly and Tran dynasties all had orchestras and were divided into two groups, the main court music and the civil music. However, until the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), the Hue Royal Refined Music was developed completely into a systematic song and reached its climax.

dai hoc van lang vlu Vong co do aHue Royal Refined Music was establish and developed to it climax during Nguyen Dynasty(collected)

dai hoc van lang vlu Vong co do bThe Great Orchestra of Hue Royal Refined Music in the 60s of the 19th century (collected)

Experiencing many up and down events in its development history, in 2003, UNESCO officially recognized Hue Royal Court Refined Music as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Van Lang University brings heritage closer to students

With the desire to connect traditional music and contemporary poetry, the Literature and Art Club of Van Lang University cooperated with Hue Royal Refined Music Club and Ca Hue Phu Xuan to organize a music and arts night with the theme “Remember the Ancient Capital''. The music night had the participation of famous artists such as People’s Artist Thanh Hoai, group of artist Phu Xuan Music Club (Hue), with the leadership of poet Nguyen Duy, especially the outstanding artisan Thanh Tam who is the original artist from the Nguyen dynasty's music. All of the artists brought a variety of great performances. In addition to long-standing compositions performed only to serve the King in the royal court, there are also many performances using modern lyrics and old tunes, using contemporary poetry of the poet Nguyen Duy mingled with his deep feelings about the past through performances like Memorial - Remembering King Duy Tan.

dai hoc van lang vlu Vong co do dThe outstanding artisan Thanh Tam (yellow dress) and People’s Artist Thanh Hoai (red dress) with all

dai hoc van lang vlu Vong co do eThe outstanding artisan Thanh Tam - the original artist from the Nguyen dynasty's music

dai hoc van lang vlu Vong co do fThe close and cozy N2T1 Hall space and atmosphere brings a full emotional music night to audiences

dai hoc van lang vlu Vong co do cDr. Nguyen Cao Tri (on the right) - Chairman of Van Lang University said sincere thanks to all artists for their joining this show

Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Chairman of Van Lang University said that his school regularly organized cultural - artistic activities for students with the desire to bring traditional arts closer to contemporary audiences, awaken love for traditional music. Previously, Van Lang University successfully organized a music night of Folk Songs with Northern folk songs of Dong Kinh Co Nhac group in December 2019. After the show “Remember the ancient capital” with Hue Royal Refined Music, Van Lang University is preparing other traditional cultural music nights with other themes such as Tay Nguyen music art or Southern folk tunes... , in order to bring a diverse cultural and artistic space of Van Lang University not only for Van Lang students, but also for young people in general.


By: M.T
Photo: Minh Phuong

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