Van Lang University welcomes students back to school after Covid-19

After a long time of not being able to go to school to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, from May 11, 2020, students were able to return to Van Lang University to study. The school has made changes to ensure that this return is quick and convenient, in line with the current social context.

Update the exam schedule and the time to register for the study schedule

Students access the training website to register for the timetable for the courses that have not been taught online, review study notices and retest schedules. The courses that are being taught online will continue. If the lecturer needs to provide tutoring for students and/or switch to teaching at the University, they must register with the Training Department to arrange classrooms.

vlu quay lai truong f

Strengthening measures to protect students' health

Van Lang University complies with the guidelines to ensure students’ safety and is in line with the new situation of society according to the latest announcement of the Ministry of Education and Training. Everyone entering the school will have their temperature checked, hand sanitizer, medical declaration and must wear a mask in crowded places. School staff are required to wear masks while working. In particular, departments such as HUB, Accounting Department, Admissions Department that often contact outsiders, parents, students must be fully equipped with medical equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer. bacteria, medical gloves,…

vlu quay lai truong dGuidelines for safe distances in elevators

vlu quay lai truong hAll classrooms, working rooms, canteens of 3 campuses and Dormitories are cleaned and improved air circulation. The toilets and elevators are fully equipped with hand sanitizer and new Covid-19 prevention instruction boards are posted according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

vlu quay lai truong eEveryone's temperature is checked, and their hands are disinfected before entering the school

Support students to find accommodation after the epidemic season

During the break from the epidemic, many students check out of their dormitories to return to their hometown. After the announcement of returning to school, Van Lang University's Union in collaboration with the Student Support Center planned to search for accommodations near the University's campuses to introduce and support students.

vlu quay lai truong nha tro

Van Lang University has made necessary preparations to deal with possible situations. Hopefully, all of Van Lang's plans for the 2019-2020 school year will continue to be implemented. Besides, the school staff, lecturers and students will be healthy and join hands to protect the health of themselves and the community.


Ngan Tran

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