National Architecture Student Festival 2020: impressed with Van Lang architecture!

(VLU, 10/12/2020)The National Architecture Student Festival 2020 has ended its 12th full season with the theme of Architecture in the Digital Age, Parametric Design. FESXII officially took place from December 8 to 10, 2020 at Duy Tan University (Da Nang City) with the participation of 70 lecturers and 400 students from universities training in Architecture - Construction.

Van Lang University's Architecture Student Union with 17 members won 8 awards from the festival, including: 1 Special Prize in Technology, 1 All-rounded Student Award, 2 First Prizes, 1 Second Prize, and 3 Third Prizes.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 gThe delegation of Architecture students of Van Lang University left strong impressions of a very cool Van Lang Architecture.

Awards of Architectural Students of Van Lang University (National Architecture Student Festival 2020)


First Prize (group): Le Quoc Khanh (3rd year student)

Third Prize (group): Pham Thi Diep (3rd year student)


Second Prize (group): Lam Quang Viet Thinh (4th year student)

Third Prize (group): Dang Van Dung (5th year student)

- CONFERENCE: CITY OF BOTH RIVER - First Prize (group): Nguyen Le Minh (2nd year student)

- PHOTOGRAPHY: DA NANG - CITIES AND PEOPLE - Third Prize (individual): Nguyen Duy Khiem (2nd year student)


- SPECIAL PRINCIPLE (TECHNOLOGY WINNER) for the Parametric Architecture modeling competition (Topic: Waves) - one of the important works showing the unique colors of Van Lang school.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 b

The participants are divided into about 20 teams with members from different schools. MSc. Architects. Nguyen Bao Tuan - Lecturer of the Faculty of Architecture, group leader said: Each group has a team leader from students from different schools, of which there are 14 team leaders who are students of Van Lang. The proactive spirit and leadership of Van Lang Architecture students have made many impressions on students of the schools.

Van Lang students only have about 2-3 weeks to practice for all four exams in the festival and this year's topic with Vietnam is still a new concept but perhaps thanks to the spirit of doing their best, they won despite objective disadvantages.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 l

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 k

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 iVan Lang team leaders are presenting their ideas in front of the jury.

They said, one of the factors leading to the success is the persistence that architecture students have been trained under the pressure of constant deadlines while studying at the school. They always have the strength of teamwork, the ability to persuade and pull together to implement the project.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 qThe work that won the first prize (Painting) by Nguyen Le Minh, focused on emphasizing a work in watercolor.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 oArtwork: "Surgery" - Third prize, Photography competition. Author: Nguyen Duy Khiem: “In this contest, I tried a different experimental shooting style than the architectural style and was supported by the group. To prepare for the exam, my friends and I traveled around Saigon regardless of time to experiment with capturing emotions and expressing through photos."

The works of the Parametric Architecture Modeling competition with the idea of ​​emphasizing technology elements were highly appreciated, although they were against the regulations of the organizers on materials (fomex cover), but among the submissions of many teams in favor of shaping, a technology award was added to Van Lang as a commendable exception.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 aThe work of Van Lang's student group won the technology award in the parametric design competition. The building is made from wooden slats that erect modular squares with polycarbonate pieces fixed by rotating shafts and operating under a light sensing mechanism.

Van Lang architecture students also left an impression in the performances that recreate the scene against the storm at sea to remember the recent flood event in the central region.

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 n

vlu festival sinh vien kien truc 2020 sVan Lang students took photos with funny mascots while supporting the supplementary contest.


Written by: Tran Minh Thu, Term 24, Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Source: Architecture Student Union - National Architecture Student Festival XII

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