Trade Union of Van Lang University organizes the activity "Women are beauties"

(VLU, 13/03/2021) On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8 and International Day of Happiness on March 20, the Trade Union of Van Lang University held an activity with the theme "Women are beauties" for all female union members.

At 14:00 on March 13, 2021, at the N2T1 hall, the event with the topic "Women are beauties" was organized by the university's trade union in collaboration with makeup artist Dang Tran Tri - alumnus of the faculty of Fine Arts and Design to give female union members the necessary makeup knowledge, helping women become more and more confident in life.

vlu cong doan trang diem eM.A Tran Thi Thu Thuy, president of the trade union of Van Lang University, speaking at the opening ceremony.

The event showed that the school union was very attentive and interested in the lives of female union members. The activity covered issues such as: what is makeup, why to make up and how to do it properly... During the learning process, they were surprised by misconceptions about their previous makeup knowledge.

Not only that, the experts had a live practice for 5 female trade union members. After being "transformed", Ms. Trang - currently working at the Student Support Center said that: "Now I am 100% confident in myself". Therefore, women should not only be beautiful when needed, but be beautiful at all times so that they always feel confident and love themselves.

vlu cong doan trang diem f

vlu cong doan trang diem aExpert Dang Tran Tri meticulously guides basic makeup steps

vlu cong doan trang diem b

vlu cong doan trang diem cMakeup artists practice directly for female union members to follow

vlu cong doan trang diem dThe beautiful moment at the end of the female union members and the makeup artists

At the end of the activity, the representative of the School's Trade Union had a couple of words to express her gratitude to Mr. Dang Tran Tri for taking his precious time to share with women how to beautify. Hopefully with what he have shared, the women will know how to make themselves more beautiful at all times as Mr. Tri said: "Makeup is not to make me different, I am still me but in a nicer version".


Written by: Nguyen Diem Quynh

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