Celebrating Vietnam’s Poem Day, Van Lang University held the Lantern Festival Poem Declamation

(VLU, 28/02/2021) - On the morning of 27 February 2021, in the celebration of Vietnam’s Poem Day, VLU’s Cultural Club had organized the Poem Declamation themed on “Lantern Festival Poem”.

vlu hoi tho nguyen tieu aThe poem declaration themed on “Lantern Festival Poem” saw the presence of the familiar artists to VLU such as poetry Nguyen Duy, journalist Duong Trong Dat, Dr. Ho Tan Phong…

As a meaningful and humanitarian event, the poem declaration themed on “Lantern Festival Poem” had caught the interests of VLU’s Board of Trustees, Administrators, faculties, and staff.

Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Chairman of the University’s Council confirmed the positive effects of the poems for thousands of years: “We do think that poem and other forms of art are invaluable and scarce resources in Vietnam. Especially in a digital era like today, the development of poems became more and more limited. The poem heritages are so crucial to an educational organization like VLG. No matter how AI can develop, there are no ways it can alter the poem and other forms of art. Therefore, these major cultural heritages must be valued and spread to the young generations.”

vlu hoi tho nguyen tieu gDr. Nguyen Cao Tri gave a speech at the poem declamation themed on “Lantern Festival Poem”.

In the friendly atmosphere of the poem declamation, the attendees are served with the life stories of the poetries, their struggles, their perspectives in life as poetry, and even the makings of their works.

In the same event, journalist Duong Trong Dat – Director of Van Lang Theatre and Television had read his poem composed in 2020. It was also a special present dedicated to Mr. Bui Quang Do for his birthday celebration.

vlu hoi tho nguyen tieu dMr. Bui Quang Do said: “I am blissful when a poem lover like me is gifted with poems on my birthday. What a valuable experience to me!”

Dr. Ho Tan Phong – Dean of the Faculty of Basic Sciences and also the familiar writer of VLU in poem activities had shared a series of wonderful poems inspired by the very daily-life stories. Through these poems, he encouraged us to overcome the difficulties in life, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic situation.

vlu hoi tho nguyen tieu eDr. Ho Tan Phong emotionally shared the stories about his poems.

 At the end of the poem declamation, poetry Nguyen Duy – the author of Tre Viet Nam (Vietnamese Bamboo) told the stories about his major life events and how he developed his poem style when he was young.

vlu hoi tho nguyen tieu hVLU’s Board of Trustees took pictures with the participating artists.

 Through many stories and poems had provided the attendees with various emotions. The “Lantern Festival Poem” program ended but the meaningful stories and poems still stayed in the attendees’ hearts and of course leaving mindful experiences.


Reporter: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa
Photographer: Lee Minh Phương

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