Van Lang’s “Arbor Day”

(VLU, 27/02/2021) - On the morning of 27 February, Van Lang University and Van Lang Saigon College had organized an “Arbor Day” at the campus of Van Lang Educational Complex.

In every springtime or on national and the university’s ceremonies, Van Lang University, and its fellow schools usually organize Arbor Day within its campus.

vlu tet trong cay aGreenspace of Van Lang Educational Complex

In the event of the 2021 lunar new year, on 27 February 2021, Van Lang University and Van Lang Saigon College had organized an “Arbor Day”.

vlu tet trong cay cThe Board of Trustees, faculties, and staff of both schools had attended the Mango-pine planting event taking place in front of Van Lang Saigon College.

Based on Vietnamese tradition, Mango-pine means good things. The glooming leaves and flowers represent prosperity. Its life span can exceed a century, so it also stands for solidity and longevity. By planting the mango-pine, the Board of Trustees expressed their belief for a breakthrough, firming and sustainable development of Van Lang Saigon College. Thus, the school will soon prove itself as a professional, credible destination for parents, students, partners, and employers.

On behalf of VLSC’s administrators, Ms. Tran Thanh Nhan – VLSC’s Vice President said: “Dedicated by all the loves of Van Lang Group, VLSC will try their best to achieve breakthroughs in 2021 and the upcoming year. Therefore, along with other member entities of VLG, VLSC could contribute in structuring the future Van Lang, where new glooming generations will be incubated.”

vlu tet trong cay dThe Board of Trustees, faculties, and staff of both schools took pictures in memorial of the 2021 “Arbor Day”.

“Arbor Day” is an annual event of VLG aiming for a Green Campus and representing the mission to “Incubate talent generations for the society”. This event honors not only the harmony to the nature and environment but also reaffirms the missions to incubate future workforces inspired by the statement “For the sake of ten years, we must plant trees, for the sake of 100 years, we should cultivate people.”

VLG will continue to encourage both the faculties and students to take good care of the trees and expand the scales in the upcoming year. Thanks to this activity, VLU would like to raise awareness and the love for nature and the environment to guarantee the sustainable living standards of Van Lang’s community.

Before the event, on 23 February, VLU’s administrators had planted the apricot tree in front of the L-V Building’s entrance in VLU Campus 3.

vlu tet trong cay bbThe apricot tree was planted on VLU Campus after being exhibited during the lunar new year at L-V Building’s lobby.


Reporter: Nguyễn Trung Nghĩa
Photographer: Minh Phương


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