Faculty of Technology will hold an international online seminar on June 2021

(VLU, 13/05/2021) - On June 2, 2021, Faculty of Technology - Van Lang University will cooperate with Thammasat University, Sirindhorn Institute of Technology - Thailand to hold an international online seminar, which is sponsored by Asia-Pacific Network (APN). 

Plastics are widely used in almost all fields of life and become an important part of many industries. However, the production, use and disposal of plastic has caused serious environmental issues.

cn khoa cong nghe dh van lang to chuc hoi thao quoc te apn aThe conference is sponsored by APN, organized by Van Lang University in combination with international training units.

Preliminary studies have shown the harmful effects of microplastics to organisms. Microplastics can also act as mediators to transfer endocrine-disruptors and other pollutants from the environment to organisms. Most current research on microplastics is conducted in developed countries such as Europe, North America and East Asia. Very few studies on this topic have been carried out in Southeast Asia. Among top 10 plastic waste mismanagement countries, there are 5 countries in ASEAN. Therefore, understanding the current status of plastic/microplastic pollution in the environment and the absorption of organisms has become a very important issue. A circular economy approach and a good regulatory framework can help to minimize the problem.

The seminar was hosted by 3 keynote speakers: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Memon - Director of IETC International Center for Environmental Technology; Dr. Novrizal Tahar - Director of Solid Waste Management at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Indonesia and Dr. Nguyen Trung Viet - Former Head of Solid Waste Management Department, Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City.

The seminar aims to provide the current status of plastic and microplastic pollution from studies in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam; understand the ways living organisms absorb microplastics in ecosystem and propose methods to prevent/control the impacts of plastic and microplastic pollution. APN's webinar with the theme "Investigation on microplastic pollution in water environment in developing countries in Southeast Asia" organized by the Faculty of Technology -Van Lang University in association with Thammasat University and Sirindhorn Institute of Technology – Thailand will discuss key issues:

  • A circular economy approach to plastics/microplastics
  • Microplastic monitoring
  • Plastic and microplastic treatment technology in water environment
  •  Microplastic absorption in the ecosystem
  •  Regulation and management of plastic and microplastic waste
  • Methods to prevent plastic and microplastic waste

cn khoa cong nghe dh van lang to chuc hoi thao quoc te apn cThe conference will be led by 3 keynote speakers who are famous scientists in the field of Environment.

Through academic discussions with international experts, the workshop is expected to develop a network of researchers on plastic and microplastic pollution; understand the current status, and identify challenges of plastic and microplastic pollution research, thereby bringing many useful values ​​to human life.

Workshop detailshttps://sites.google.com/view/webinar-on-microplastics
Registration deadline:15/05/2021 via the link: https://forms.gle/mJJnGmzpiXYBfNNh6

Source: The Faculty of Technology


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