The first Aesthetic Technology major in Vietnam is being offered by Van Lang University

(VLU, 25/05/2021) - On May 21, 2021, Van Lang University announced the enrollment of the 1st course in Aesthetic Technology - the first major with a formal university training system in Vietnam. With the development of the beauty field, the Aesthetic Technology industry offers many attractive job opportunities for students after graduation.

In recent years, the discipline of Aesthetic Science has grown, particularly in certain countries such as Korea, Australia, and Poland, in order to keep up with the trend of professional training and build high-quality human resources in the field of cosmetology. Recently, Van Lang University has announced enrollment for the 1st course in Aesthetic Technology (according to Decision No. 74/QD/VL-HDT) - the first formal university training program in Vietnam.

Aesthetic Technology Major at Van Lang University:

  • Sector code: 7420207
  • Training period: 3.5 years (total training volume: 126 credits)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Aesthetic Technology
  • Combination of subjects: A00 (Math - Physics - Chemistry), B00 (Math - Chemistry - Biology), D07 (Math - Chemistry - English), D08 (Math - Biology - English).

vlu tham myThe Aesthetic Technology discipline will promote highly applied learning methods

The first official university-based cosmetology training program

Cosmetology Technology is a discipline that needs good aesthetic thinking, has a passion for researching beauty solutions through methods of applying technology (biology, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine).

Becoming a student of Aesthetic Technology at Van Lang University, learners are equipped with in-depth knowledge in the field of technology, applying integrated training methods, practical application orientation. With experiential training, learners practice in laboratories that meet standards accredited by international organizations; experience the real environment at reputable businesses, research centers or beauty salons; and the application of cosmetics and foods to protect users' health in the field of cosmetology, promoting the development of the domestic beauty market.

Besides, the Aesthetic Technology major at Van Lang University gives learners many opportunities to contact businesses early and participate in academic clubs, teams; regularly organize contests on startup ideas, creativity and national and international aesthetic forums for students.

vlu hoi thao tham myWorkshop on Aesthetic Technology to be held at Van Lang University in 2020

New job opportunities for students of Aesthetic Technology

According to the findings of the continuous employment survey in October 2020 - April 2021, there are more than 5,000 job positions/month for the field of Cosmetology Technology, income for university graduates with a salary of over 20 million VND per month.

In addition, Van Lang University will facilitate job placement for students throughout their studies, participate in research projects right from the first year and after graduation, as well as support internship opportunities. jobs in beauty salons, domestic and foreign enterprises.

Young people interested in Aesthetic Technology can refer to some very attractive job positions after graduation, such as: Product Research and Development Specialist; Quality control specialist; Experts in training or creating aesthetic content for media activities, beauty bloggers, beauty programs, etc.


The Aesthetic Technology major will be educated at Van Lang University's Faculty of Technology.

Admission method:

       + Admission by high school transcripts

      + Admission by national high school graduation exam results 2021

       + Admission by the results of the Competency Assessment exam - VNU-HCM in 2021


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