Van Lang University opens Vietnamese majors to domestic and international students

(VLU, 25/5/2021) - Van Lang University will enroll students in Vietnamese studies for the first time in 2021, for both international and Vietnamese candidates.

According to human resource specialists, from now until 2025, human resources in sectors relevant to Vietnamese majors would require the recruitment of 8,100 employees every year. It is one of the professions with the highest human resource shortages nowadays. This industrial group's salary is also changed in order to recruit and retain human resources capable of conducting research and doing specialized tasks.

In 2021, Van Lang University enrolls students for the first course in Vietnamese studies, with an expected target of 50 students. For Vietnamese major, Van Lang University offers general training that includes tourist practice, teaching Vietnamese to foreigners, and in-depth study on Vietnam.


Sector code: 7310630

Training period: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Vietnamese Studies

Subject combination:

- C00: Literature - History - Geography

- D14: Literature - History - English

- D15: Literature - Geography - English

With this new major, students will also be trained with the motto "Learning through experience", focusing on cultivating many skills in organization and management; the ability to impart knowledge, present and critique problems through practical classes of animation skills, tour guide skills and Vietnamese language teaching methods. Following training, learners can choose from a variety of jobs in tourism, political diplomacy, international relations or teaching Vietnamese to foreigners, etc.

vlu nganh viet nam hoc truong dh van lang dWith strong specialized knowledge and professional skills learned concurrently. students majoring in Vietnamese Studies at Van Lang can entirely become a guide, Vietnamese instructor, or work for organizations associated to the international development of Vietnamese cultural beauty.

Van Lang University will begin enrolling students in Vietnamese studies in 2021, including both international and Vietnamese candidates. For foreign students, candidates must follow the Ministry of Education and Training's guidelines on recruiting overseas students or Van Lang University's announcement of international student enrolment in 2021.

In addition, candidates who are international students for admission need to have a Vietnamese language proficiency equivalent to B2 (level 4/6) or higher according to the Vietnamese Language Competency Framework prescribed for foreigners of the Ministry of Education and Training; or foreigners who have graduated at all levels of education in general, intermediate, college, university, master's and doctoral levels in Vietnamese. If you do not have enough Vietnamese language skills to study an official program in Vietnamese, you must take a Vietnamese preparatory course.

vlu nganh viet nam hoc truong dh van lang aVan Lang University's Vietnamese studies are predicted to be a new major to attract international students due to the inherent advantage of having current foreign students studying.

Van Lang University also announced in May that enrollment in Korean Language, Aesthetic Technology, and Digital Art Design programs will be expanded, providing students with more opportunities. Van Lang University now offers 53 standard undergraduate training majors Standard Program, 15 Special Training majors, and 5 overseas bachelor's degrees.

Hoai Anh

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