Van Lang University officially offers the training course in Digital Art & Design

(VLU, 26/05/2021) - Van Lang University is renowned for its training courses in fine art design in Vietnam such as Graphic Design, Fashion Design... In May 2021, the university announced a new training program in Digital Art & Design major.

The concept of Digital Art& Design is not new, but in Vietnamese, only a few universities with a specialized level are offering training courses in Digital Art &Design. Van Lang University is one of the first schools to bring Digital Art Design into an official training program, with the code 7210407.


Digital Art & Design training program- Van Lang University

  • Training period: 4 years
  • Degree: Bachelor of Digital Art &Design
  • 2 in-depth orientations: Animation design; Film design.
  • Combination of subjects for admission: H03 (Mathematics - Natural Science - Drawing); H04 (Math - English - Drawing); H05 (Literature – Social Science – Drawing); H06 (Literature – English – Drawing)


Digital art design - the way to the field of design 4.0

The year 2021 marks the explosion of social networking platforms when there are many streamers, bloggers, viral clips, advertising with strange and impressive TVCs.

The current "digital" trend in the design field continues to thrive in the 4.0 era. Van Lang University's decision to offer  Digital Art& Design majors is suitable with the market and the needs of many students who want to study modern design at a prestigious university.

Digital Art& Design creates design products for communication by applying modern digital technologies. Previously, Van Lang University developed a major in Interactive Media Art &Design for the field of multimedia communication, with Digital Art &Design, the university continues to train with 02 majors in Animation Design and Film Design.

vlu tuyen sinh my thuat so aStudents of Van Lang University have gained a lot of achievement in competitions and in the professional design market.


To straight ahead to the field of Digital Art & Design

Studying in Digital Art& Design, students will receive intensive training in using graphic tools and software to design; techniques of photography, filming – editing… According to MSc. Le Truong Bao, Head of Digital Art& Design at Van Lang University, young people interested in Digital Arts & Design are often quite unconfident when they start learning about computers, recording tools, software,... However, this is not an important factor for them to go further in this field; It is important to have thinking ability, aesthetic ability, ability to organize and connect materials with communication goals, etc.

According to Dr. Nguyen Dac Thai, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, the advantage for Digital Art& Design students at Van Lang is that design element is considered top priority. Professionally, graduates will become professional designers who are knowledgeable in the field of communication.

Students majoring in Digital Art& Design can become  event organizer or art director, create promotional films; TVC, process behind-the-scenes effects; design game ; write script, set up film setting; design software interface or website; be freelance…with many promotion opportunities and attractive income.

vlu tuyen sinh my thuat so bAt Van Lang, students are free to participate in extra curriculum activities to develop creative thinking


 Huynh Bao


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