Summary Exhibition of Creative Camp "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021"

(VLU, 03/05/2021)Following the series of activities of the Creative Camp and the Workshop "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021", on April 29, 2021, the Fine Arts Association of Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with the University of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh City and Van Lang University organized a summary exhibition of the Creative Camp, with more than 100 products.

The Creative Camp and Workshop "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021" was supported by a large number of art lovers in and outside of Vietnam, and received more than 100 unique and traditional new graphic works conveying the theme message "Environment" through many different lenses, expressing the creativity in the artist's visual thinking and expression method.

vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw aOpening ceremony of the exhibition in the Camp "Vietnam International Printed Graphics 2021"

The exhibition officially "launched" 86 works by Vietnamese artists, 21 works by foreign artists from Laos, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Due to the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, authors in other countries cannot attend and send their works to Vietnam in time. These works are shown in turn on screens located at the exhibition for everyone to enjoy.

vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw bRepresentatives of the co-organizers cut the ribbon to open the exhibition.

On behalf of Van Lang University, Dr. Nguyen Dac Tam – Vice Chairman of the Founding Council shared: “It can be said that this is a meaningful activity for students and art lovers within Vietnam and also overseas. Along with the development and integration of the country, we have the right and should reach out to the big and great environment out there. As one of the founders of Van Lang University, I am very pleased to see the results of creative labor created by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in particular and the new generation in general for society and the community.”

Van Lang University actively contributed 55 printed graphics to the creative camp, made by the lecturers of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, contributing to the value of the art exhibition.

vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw cThe work "Covid imprint" made by Linocut printing technique represents another side of humanity's disease prevention journey.

MSc. Ho Dang Bach Ly shared about his work "Covid Imprint": "This is an idea I have cherished for a long time, during the Covid pandemic. With the topic of the environment, I want to exploit a new aspect: During the pandemic, people focus on protecting their personal health but miss many other important factors. The work shows us the waste that people produce in the process called self-protection. But how about we protect the top, and the bottom is full of garbage? As such, we need to take a more holistic view.”

vlu trien lam do hoa tranh in viet nam quoc te iadw dThe exhibition has attracted the attention of the art-loving community in Ho Chi Minh City

The exhibition runs from April 29, 2021 to May 8, 2021 at the Fine Arts Association of Ho Chi Minh City at 218A Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3. Activities are also digitized into an online exhibition, creating a virtual space for guests around the world to visit and enjoy.

Some of the paintings sent to the camp:

See more works at the online exhibition:

See more information about IADW 2021 at: Van Lang University launched Creative Camp and Workshop "Vietnam - International Printed Graphics 2021"



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