Korean Language: new major in 2021 of Van Lang University

(VLU, 25/5/2021) - Van Lang University has officially announced the enrollment of the first Korean language major in 2021 (subject code 7220210), with many opportunities for scholarships, studying in Korea and studying abroad as well as attractive jobs.

It can be said that the potential of the Korean Language in the future is huge when in February 2021, the Ministry of Education and Training announced the decision to choose Korean as the first foreign language to be included in the high-level training program from 3rd grade to 12th grade. Currently, in Vietnam, there are 17 universities enrolling students in Korean Language and Korean Studies majors, bringing attractive job potential for young people who love Korean culture.

With the first course in 2021, the Korean Language major of Van Lang University will consider admissions based on the method of reviewing high school results (records). With the motto "training associated with practice", the training program develops in two intensive orientations: translation and interpretation and Korean language teaching.

At Van Lang University, students not only learn Korean language and culture but also experience practical internships through affiliate programs with businesses; and are trained in specialized skills and necessary soft skills such as communication and team management, time management skills, information gathering, analysis and processing skills, etc.

See detailed introduction to the Korean Language industry here.

vlu tuyen sinh nganh ngon ngu han quoc bKorean language is expected to be a dynamic field, catching up with the trends of young people in the new era.

After graduating from the Korean Language major, students can apply for jobs with a high income of 10 million or more such as: translators, interpreters, office workers, Korean language teachers, etc. A survey of the Korean Language Open Group of Van Lang University conducted in April 2021 shows that the demand for human resources with specialized training in Korean is from "high" to "very high" in Ho Chi Minh City with an attractive income compared to many other industries.

In addition, according to the open program, students have the opportunity to study abroad in the form of 2+1, 3+1 with Korean universities that have signed cooperation agreements such as Gwangju University, Namseoul University, etc. Many scholarship funding policies from schools and other organizations will be provided for individuals with good academic and training achievements.

vlu tuyen sinh nganh ngon ngu han quoc aWith the premise of cooperation projects, connecting with Korean organizations and training units, Van Lang University offers many opportunities to study abroad and experience KimChi Land for students.

In May 2021, Van Lang University also announced the expansion of enrollment for more majors: Aesthetic Technology, Digital Art Design and Vietnamese Studies for both foreigners and Vietnamese.

Admission information for Korean Language major at Van Lang University in 2021

- Examination combination: Math - Geography - English (D10), Math - Literature - English (D01), Literature - GDCD - English (D66), Literature - History - English (D14)
- Training period: 4 years
- Degree: Bachelor of Korean Language
- Training unit: Language Institute of Van Lang University

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