Van Lang Heritech: the first international conference of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Development

(VLU, 09/4/2021) - On April 9, 2021, the first international conference of the Institute for Research on Cultural Heritage and Development of Van Lang University took place at Hall N2T1 (main Campus) named "Sustainability and Green Engineering". The event attracted a large number of domestic and foreign experts, scientists, and lecturers to submit their reports.

Over the past time, many policies have been promulgated and implemented for sustainable development, especially those associated with economic and environmental issues, initially bringing some positive changes. However, many agencies, businesses and people have not been fully aware of that.

The international scientific conference "Sustainability and Green Engineering" was organized by the Institute of Cultural Heritage Research and Development in order to find new solutions towards sustainable development in various fields such as: computer science, AI, materials science, biology, heritage, architecture, etc.

This is the first event since its establishment in October 2019.

vlu heritech aInternational scientific conference "Sustainability and Green Engineering", April 9, 2021

vlu heritech bDr. Nguyen Dac Tam, Vice Chairman of the Founding Council of Van Lang University highly appreciated the contribution spirit and goals of the conference.

The event received 131 scientific papers, 122 of which were selected for discussion at the conference.

On April 9, 2021, with both online and offline formats, nearly 50 scientific reports were presented. In particular, the conference had the participation of 2 keynote speakers who are famous experts from Singapore National University.

vlu heritech d

vlu heritech e

vlu heritech f

vlu heritech g

vlu heritech c

vlu heritech i

vlu heritech k

vlu heritech l

vlu heritech n

vlu heritech zDr. Nguyen Dac Tam, Vice Chairman of the Founding Council of Van Lang University presents flowers to Keynote Speaker, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Johannes Widodo, National University of Singapore.

Regarding the remaining reports, the authors will make video recordings and send them to the conference council in the near future. With many urgent topics, close to the reality of sustainable development in Vietnam and the world, the conference has contributed many new and quality solutions to the sustainable development process in Vietnam in particular and the world in general.


Written: Thanh Tien
Photo: Bao Le
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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