The Faculty of Public Relations’ scientific seminar on “A look back 2020 – A moving forward 2021"

(VLU, 01/6/2021) - On the morning of 30th March 2021, VLU’s Faculty of Public Relations had organized the scientific seminar themed on “A look back 2020 – A moving Forward 2021.”

As the opening speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, Rector of VLU said: “No matter what career we are pursuing, we have to identify what we should do to scope with current digital development and the constant fluctuations of the society. It is the reason we are here to look for the solutions to apply the technologies on the media and deal with the ever-changing society.

The seminar consisted of three main parts, which were social media and fake news situation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and 4.0 era; The influence of digital media on enterprises; and the roles of social activities to the enterprises and organizations.

The seminar commenced with Dr. Jay D. Thompson from RMIT’s report on social media and fake news situations in Australia. His report was followed by that of Mr. Ma Thanh Danh – KIDO Corp’s Deputy Director. Mr. Danh explained the reasons for the crisis amidst the pandemic. He also stated that the solutions for it should be the “Digital price-stabilized market during the Covid-19 pandemic situation” providing three vital product packages, which are health protection, health promotion, and critical supplies.

vlu hoi thao khoa pr a

Lecturer Nguyen Hoang Mai from VLU contributed the information about “post-pandemic changes in customer’s behaviors” and explained her study results in customer’s behavior; stocking behavior of vital products such as toilet paper, rice, face mask; switching from the traditional market or online shopping platform, and door-to-door deliver; the noticeable declining of certain services.

The fourth report was the general evaluation of the “Strong Vietnam” campaign given by VNPR’s Chairman – Mr. Nguyen Khoa My. He analyzed every step of the campaign in detail, the inspiration and execution of the campaign, and the supporting parties, which contributed to the exceeding success. Finally, Ms. Le Mai Anh – PRNewswire’s Country Director gave her perspectives about the current situations and the roles of Media during the pandemic. She also mentioned the challenges and their typical examples.

The discussion session was the opportunity for the PR students to acquire knowledge and experience from the experts. The speakers also shared how to do media campaigns to achieve success, the hidden advantages of social media during the pandemic situation, and what the marketer should do to make good use of the media to overcome the serious damages of the pandemic.

vlu hoi thao khoa pr bThe MOU Signing Ceremony between Van Lang University and Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR)

The seminar closed with the MOU Signing Ceremony between VLU’s Faculty of Public Relations and Vietnam Public Relations Network with the main cooperative schemes such as workforce training program, curriculum design for the PR profession, and standardization for the PR profession.

The Faculty of Public Relations
Translated by: Hoai An

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