Meeting the Asia’s leading lawyer at Van Lang University

Ph.D, Lawyer, Luu Tien Dung

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- Vietnamese lawyer on the top 15 of the best barristers in Asia, voted by Asian Legal Business Magazine 2020.

- Benchmark Litigation Asia – Pacific recognized as Lawyer of the year in 2019.

- Lawyer ranked first in dispute resolution in Vietnam for many years, voted by Chambers Asia Magazine

- Partner of YKVN - leading law company in Vietnam

- Member of Advisory Council of Faculty of Law at Van Lang University


Law and the connection with human’s destiny

As a typical student, after the university entrance exam, PhD. Lawyer Luu Tien Dung became one of 56 state-sponsored students to study abroad in Russia. Seizing the opportunity, he decided to study Law at Kuban National University, in Russia. He thinks that every profession is noble as long as it contributes to the society, however, training time of the medical profession and the law profession are longer and more carefully than other jobs because they closely connect with human's destiny. A good doctor can help people get rid of dangerous diseases. A good lawyer can change the lives of thousands of people.

According to Ph.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung, the law has never been an "easy" job. There are many concerns and challenges, but the last thing which keeps lawyers from sticking to their profession for years are the positive values and bring happiness to everyone: “We do not have a car, we buy a car or we do not have a house, we buy a house. It is fun for fulfilling an individual's wishes. But a good lawyer can use his wisdom, experience and knowledge to help hundreds of clients solve life's difficult problems, troubleshoot their troubles, and find happiness. So that lawyer has already achieved hundreds, thousands of happiness."

A good barrister is not an always winning lawyer, but a talented strategist

In 2019, the dispute between Grab and Vinasun consumed the ink of law agencies, speech agencies and society, becoming the case with the most of trials in Asian history when this is economic civil judgment that has up to 12 trials, each session takes place over several days. The impact of the event was so great that it was recognized by Benchmark Litigation Asia - Pacific as the Case of the year 2019. At the same time, convincing way to solve the problem of Ph.D, Lawyer Luu Tien Dung has shown his ability to grasp the legal political system in Vietnam, the role of law, the executive and the judiciary and how to propose a subtle solution between a freedom of business with legal regulations. This is the reason help him was honored as Lawyer of the Year.

Being the only Vietnamese lawyer voted by Asian Legal Business Magazine (ALB) as one of the 15 best barristers in Asia (2020); he is also one of the first Vietnamese mediators recognized by the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London, PhD. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung said that performing two roles in parallel was not contradictory when the executor always puts honesty and dedication to the work first.

In the law, honesty is very important. You must protect the interests of customers in the best way, but you cannot put the customers' interests above justice." Each case is an independent problem that needs its own answer. The responsibility of a good lawyer is not to do everything to achieve victory, to improve the personal win rate. Lawyer must to find a way out even when seeming to fall into a dead end and build the best strategy for customers on the basis of knowledge, experience and honesty to maintain the balance of justice.

vlu luat su aaPh.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung participates in education and training as a member of the Advisory Council of the Faculty of Law at Van Lang University.

Asia's leading Lawyer and the predestined relationship with VLU

Ph.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung said that meeting and lasting connection with the Faculty of Law at Van Lang University is a predestined relationship. As a member of the Advisory Council, participate in contributing to build and review the training program of Economic Law, he pointed out the difference in the approach to legal education in VLU, which is the way of seeing and building programs from social needs, linking theoretical with practical. According to the lawyer, bringing practical cases into the curriculum is quite similar to the program he was studying in the US. This is a step to help students eliminate worry when entering the profession, reducing the time to retrain "newbies" for many companies.

He thinks that Van Lang University's young generation is full of energy. Besides the support and mentoring of teachers, each Law student needs to equip with enthusiasm, prudence, meticulousness and good critical thinking in order not to be negligent in the profession.

When you become a judge, all you need to do is make a right and wrong decision. But to be a good lawyer, consultant, or mediator, you need to consider many more aspects of the possibilities. Law learners must know how to criticize in their own opinions, recognize the dialectical, multidimensional facts to build the most effective strategy.

Artificial intelligence is developing and gradually replacing many positions in society but Ph.D. Lawyer. Luu Tien Dung believes that as long as a lawyer knows how to think creatively, no machine can replace.


Hoai Anh
Photo: Lee Minh Phuong

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