“Color your dreams” project: Connecting hands with full of love

(VLU - April 13rd, 2021)Following the success of last year's program, on the morning of March 27, 2021, Color your dreams project by the Faculty of Architecture, Van Lang University, re-started with a larger scale, in the hope of bringing more joy and love to the schools of deaf and intellectual disabled students in Ho Chi Minh City.

Color your dreams was a community project co-organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Van Lang University, together with Vietnam Campus Engage and Binh Thanh Hy Vong School of Deaf, with the aim of spreading good living values, helping the community with love and the professional creativity of the Faculty of Architecture's students.

In 2020, with the participation of 5 lecturers, 17 students and 33 volunteers of Van Lang University, Color your dreams brought drawing skill lessons to students at Hy Vong Binh Thanh School; successfully called for 68 million VND to sponsor and 113 million VND to the fund dedicated to the Binh Thanh Hy Vong School of Deaf.

vlu to mau uoc mo eColor your dreams is a community project that connects teachers and students of Van Lang University with children attending specialized schools in Ho Chi Minh City, helping children with hearing impairment or intellectual disabilities discover and practice their own talents in the fields of arts, crafts, informatics and sport.

This year, more than 200 students from 8 specialized centers in the city took part in Color your dreams including:

  • Binh Thanh Hy Vong School of Deaf
  • Binh Chanh Education Development Support Center
  • Go Vap Hy Vong Specialized School.
  • District 12 Anh Duong Specialized School.
  • District 6 Hy Vong School
  • District 2 Thao Dien Specialized School
  • Phu Nhuan Niem Tin Specialized School

With 400 lecturers and students of Van Lang University from:

  • Faculty of Architecture;
  • Faculty of Information Technology;
  • Faculty of Fine Arts - Design;
  • Faculty of Applied Arts;
  • Student Support Center

vlu to mau uoc mo uIn 2021, Van Lang University's Color your dreams project was expanded with the participation of 8 specialized schools in HCM City.

With the participation of many faculties, the program will bring more opportunities and choices for young students with hearing and intellectual disabilities. Not only learning to draw, they will be supported by Van Lang's students to explore themselves in many different fields such as information technology, fine arts, design, music and sport. At the opening ceremony,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rectors of Van Lang University said: “As a university with a mission to spread positive values ​​to the community, Van Lang University finds Color your dreams a meaningful activity to do. It can both help the community and give VLU's students a valuable experience to learn how to grow up in thinking, feeling and sharing love for everyone.

vlu to mau uoc mo dIn 2021, Color your dreams completes the mission of bringing confidence and talent development opportunities to children with intellectual disabilities.

At the opening ceremony, with the wholehearted support from the sponsors, the partners, the good-hearted guests, the Color your dreams project succeeded in auction of 2 pictures of Dawn (10 million VND) and Sunset (10 million VND) made by deaf children in the first phase project with the support of Van Lang University's students. The total value of the sponsorship fund dedicated to the program, the specialized schools (including cash and gift), which has reached 350 million by March 27, 2021.

vlu to mau uoc mo i

With the beginning objective of the project: Changing perceptions in each participant, wishing the Color your dreams project success on the journey of spreading the loving hearts of the VLU's youth community and bringing more joy and belief in a beautiful life in the hearts of each child.

vlu to mau uoc mo y


Written: Hoai Anh
Photo: Chau Tri

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