Van Lang welcomes the new year 2021 with many new goals to shape the future

(VLU - February 1, 2021) - In 2020, Van Lang University accelerates the innovation process, creates a comprehensive educational ecosystem, and reap many breakthrough successes. Welcoming the year of Tan Suu 2021, Van Lang University continues to define new goals towards shaping the future - Asia's most admired young university in 2030.

Constantly striving, exceeding the limit of a traditional university, making a breakthrough in higher education, always changing, ... with that spirit, Van Lang University has gradually reached milestones in 2020.

vlu welcomes the new year aEnding the year 2020, Van Lang University has gained many outstanding achievements

Looking back to the year 2020 with many difficulties and challenges, but also many breakthrough successes, the leaders of Van Lang University have reviewed 10 achievements and 25 typical events.


  • 25-year milestone - spreading of VLU's pioneer spirit
  • Announcing the mission, vision, strategic goals for the period 2020-2025 and educational philosophy of Van Lang University. Launch of School Council, Rector Board, Party Committee for the term 2020 - 2025
  • Successfully deployed 2,750 online classes, 92% of students participated in the social distance period.
  • Expanding the training scale: 50 majors of undergraduate standard programs and 16 majors of special programs; 15 Affiliate training programs with foreign countries; 07 master's programs, 01 doctoral program; IELTS 6.0 for the entire term 26th. A team of 1,500 lecturers, 300 PhDs, associate professors, professors;
  • Getting Quality Accreditation with 03 Training programs according to national standards: English Language, Accounting, Hotel Management;
  • Impressive scientific research growth: 129 ISI / scopus articles; 331 other international and domestic articles; 31 international projects / topics; 15 books published; 41 student awards; 25 international / national / scientific seminars;
  • Strategic cooperation: 80 MOUs signed; strategic partner with AIT; Quang Ninh province, An Giang province;
  • Operating the English Test Center with 1,550 contestants; establishing Innovation Center - Viet Lotus with pioneering and effective model; is one of the first 5 digital transformation universities in Vietnam.
  • University Administration: Implementing ERP; BASE in all operations; established Autodesk Authorized Training Center, AR / VR lab; implementing a digital conversion program.
  • Inspirational University: 225 events held throughout the year; 52 student clubs, 60 programs for the community; 2,000 MV20 ventilators awarded to the Government against the epidemic Covid-19; build 15 bridges; 2 houses of love for the community; Social project "Coloring dreams" for 8 schools; Employees, teachers, staff of the whole system contributed more than 500 million dong towards the people in the Central region.

Welcoming the year of Tan Suu 2021, Van Lang University set new goals, constantly building a strong Van Lang community. Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Chairman of Van Lang University, affirmed at the end-of-year intimate meeting with VLG's staff and lecturers: “Van Lang community is strongly determined to build VLU into an Asia's most admired young university in 2030. It is VLU's vision to announce to society and also our commitment to make VLG an innovation community in the coming years”.

vlu welcomes the new year dVan Lang Community determined to build a bigger VLG in 2021

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Before that, at the Town Hall Meeting “Shaping the Future” had a meeting at the beginning of the school year 2020-2021 with all staff members - lecturers of Van Lang Group on November 15, 2020, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri has set 10 strategic goals for the next 5-year in the 2020-2021 period, emphasizing the development of Van Lang Group to become one of the admired educational and creative organizations, is a place to train comprehensive, lifelong learning, ethical people, bring positive influences to the society; to become a people-centered organization, which values ​​talents, has a strong culture, and applies technology to make educational breakthroughs.

vlu tat nien 2020 fTown Hall gradually shapes the future of Van Lang Group on November 15, 2020.

Besiders, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri also affirmed that big goals can only be realized when each member of Van Lang Group considers them their own tasks and goals to work towards together and strive to achieve together. Van Lang Group will always update and change its mind to build an innovative organization, contribute to society, develop Vietnam and reach out to the world.

Written by Thanh Tien
Photo: Minh Phuong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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