Van Lang University hosted various activities to celebrate the 111th anniversary of International Women's Day

(VLU – March 08, 2021) - In celebration of the 111th anniversary of International Women's Day (08/03/1930 – 08/03/2021) and the 1981st anniversary of the Trung Sisters' rebellion, VLU Women's Committee had organized many meaningful celebrating activities.

International Women's Day (March 8th) is an annual event to pay tribute to women. In Vietnam, March 8th is also the anniversary of the Trung sisters' rebellions – our symbol of Vietnamese women's pride and braveness. On this occasion, women often receive flowers, gifts or join honoring activities.

vlu ngay tam thang 3 f

As an honoring act, VLU Women's Committee organized various activities for one whole week to celebrate International Women's Day to demonstrate the spirit. There are three special activities, including:

  • Lauching "Van Lang Ao Dai Week 2021" (from March 08th to 13th, 2021) dedicated to female union members.
  • Organizing networking activities in celebration of March 08th among the union's units.
  • Hosting a seminar "Women are the displays of beauty" (2pm – 5pm, Saturday, March 13th, 2021), including exciting activities such as make-up classes for office, ball or hangout purposes and make-up practicing sessions.

Among the mentioned activities, on March 08th, VLU female union members had enthusiastically embraced the "Van Lang Ao Dai Week 2021". The colorful yet gentle Ao Dai had brought a refreshing atmosphere to a new weekday at all VLU's campuses.

vlu ngay tam thang 3 h

The gentle Ao Dai of the Department of Administration and HR Management

vlu ngay tam thang 3 k

The beautiful maidens from the Department of Admissions and Communications in graceful Ao Dai to celebrate the March 08th

vlu ngay tam thang 3 a

The Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology, in their stylish Ao Dai, had displayed the exciting and refreshing atmosphere at Campus 2

vlu ngay tam thang 3 b

The surprise presents from the Faculty of Applied Arts' male lecturers for the female ones on March 08th

vlu ngay tam thang 3 d

Dr. MD. Nguyen Hung Vi – Faculty of Medicine's Dean, offered the faculty's female lecturers on March 08th

On the same occasion, VLU's Literature Club had also set up a flower stall outside the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities' office to raise funds for the "100 food boxes for the homeless" program on the upcoming March 26th.

vlu ngay tam thang 3 j

The Literature club's meaningful program received enthusiastic supports from the students and lecturers.

The activities in celebration of the March 08th was not only to remind the meaning of the International Women's Day and the Trung sisters' rebellion, but also to emphasize the national pride, to honor the women for their contribution to education, to promote "Excellent Workers – Outstanding family wife" slogan among female staff, and to create a friendly and united network among the union members.

Reporter: Thanh Tiền

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