Van Lang University celebrated its 25th anniversary - a proud journey to the future

(VLU - November 22, 2020)On November 21, 2020, Van Lang University held the 25th Anniversary Ceremony and received Vietnamese Labor Medal.

At the Hall of Trinh Cong Son - Campus 3 of VLU, the ceremony took place very solemnly with the attendance and congratulations of former President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang, Minister of Education and Training - Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha, Prof. Dr. Tran Hong Quan - Former Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Duong Anh Duc - Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, together with high-ranking state officials and managers and representatives from embassies and consulates; business units, partners, press agencies, numerous staff - lecturers - employees, alumni and students of Van Lang University. Many Van Lang University alumni who are well-known in many different fields converged at the univeristy in meaningful events as well as an affirmation of the educational quality in the journey of 25 year of development. 

At the event, Van Lang University also welcomed representatives of 43 business partners to attend and congratulate the new milestone of VLU. After the ceremony, the businesses continued to have discussions with the faculties of Van Lang University about job orientation for students.

List of partners attending Van Lang University's 25th anniversary celebration.

Successfully transforming to private schools, with many breakthroughs in research, teaching and training for generations of talents to become high quality human resources for the country, Van Lang University has formed a prestigious brand in the education sector in Vietnam. After 25 years of development, VLU is aiming to reach new heights: to become one of the most admired young universities in Asia, to train people with comprehensive development, capability of lifelong learning, positively impact and inspire society.

vlu celebrated 25th anniversary aThe ceremony took place with the participation of many guests who are officials, senior leaders, ambassadors, consulates and many mature alumni from the roof of Van Lang University.

vlu celebrated 25th anniversary bThe tree planting ceremony was carried out by Former President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang and senior leaders to mark the 25th meaningful milestone of Van Lang University and demonstrate the spirit of educating - nurturing talents for the country.

vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe art performance is elaborately set up, recreating the legendary pages of Vietnam
vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe familiar song of Van Lang University in each ceremony was held up again, like the core values "Ethics - Will - Creation" always shines for VLU's people to move forward.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University reported the school's achievements. In the past 25 years, the school has trained more than 43,000 bachelors, architects, engineers and masters. 2020 is also the first year the University is licensed to train doctoral degrees.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbMinister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha spoke at the ceremony. He expected VLU in the next 10 years to successfully develop the education and training ecosystem.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbMinister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha respectfully placed the Third Class Labor Medal on the traditional flag of Van Lang University.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbFormer State, President of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang delivered a speech to congratulate the 25th anniversary of Van Lang University, affirming the mission of education to "train talented people to lead the country to prosper in the future. "vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbDr. Nguyen Cao Tri, Chairman of Van Lang University, expressed his gratitude to the presence of many leaders of the state, VLU's agencies and partner units. He also set out 3 future development focuses of Van Lang University.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbVan Lang University sent its gratitude to the Founder - Mr. Bui Quang Do and Mr. Nguyen Dac Tam. Besides, Mr. Bui Quang Do also received a Certificate of Merit from the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe school leaders, faculty leaders and representatives of 22 graduate students at Van Lang University shared their congratulations to Van Lang University's 25 years of outreach.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbAn impressive LED screen interactive dance performance, recreating a VLU's ecosystem in a digital age is being formed with a new educational mission in conquering new horizons.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe dance impressed viewers by the attractive combination of light and peoplevlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe Symphony Orchestra greeted guests at the lobbyvlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe 25-year exhibition Van Lang University - a place to display the hallmarks of VLU during the 25-year journeyvlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThis is an area that attracts many alumni to visit to revise their memories. Many alumni also expressed their wish to give more of their existing memorabilia to expand the exhibition.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe 25th anniversary of VLU is also an opportunity for alumni to visit the school, visit teachers and meet old friends.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbMr. Nguyen Manh Tuong - alumni (the 5th from the right) said: Many of his friends who are currently living and working in Hanoi also decided to fly immediately to Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate with the University and reunite old friends.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbThe alumni of Finance and Accounting Faculty take photos with their old teachers. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, alumnus of the second course and Head of the Finance Department of PNJ Company, said that he was very surprised and pleased to see VLU's breakthrough in facilities and achievements. Mr. Tuan hopes that the University will have more activities to connect alumni with students studying at Van Lang so that their predecessors can fully support those who go after their development.vlu celebrated 25th anniversary thumbIn a solemn and warm atmosphere, the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Van Lang University & Vietnamese Labor Medal reception has ended successfully. This is an unforgettable memory in the attendees' hearts and a desirable promise for the open future ahead of Van Lang University.


Hoai Anh
Photos: Thinh Tran - Nhat Huy - Dang Anh - Khoa Nguyen - Edward
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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