Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration – a special gift from Van Lang University

(VLU - September 28, 2020) - On 26 September 2020, Van Lang University’s Labor Union had celebrated the Mid-autumn Festival ceremony for the children of VLU’s faculties and staff.

vlu mid autumn festival ceremony aVLU’s Mid-autumn festival celebration is for young children of VLU’s faculties and staff

Inspired by the idea of offering a joyful experience for the children, the ceremony was celebrated fully and happily with enthusiastic participation. The event started with a funny warm-up game led by the charming game-maker – Ms. Trieu Quoc Te (junior student of the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Test) and all the members of VLU’s Blue Backpack Club.

After the warming-up sessions of flash mobs, the children joined other amusing party games.

The main attraction of this event was the traditional lantern-making session instructed by Artist Nguyen Trong Thanh.

vlu mid autumn festival ceremony pThe event was organized by the Board of VLU’s Labor Union in collaboration with Artist Nguyen Trong Thanh, VLU’s faculties, and members of the Blue Backpack Club.

vlu mid autumn festival ceremony qMr. Nguyen Trong Thanh, with more than 30 years of experience, had promptly completed a beautiful and attractive lantern.

Once the children had completed their lantern, Mr. Nguyen Trong Thanh would grade the lanterns based on their completeness. The first group consisted of the lanterns glued and colored; the other consisted of lanterns that only need to be colored by younger children. The product, which had been completed beautifully and neatly, would receive special awards.

vlu mid autumn festival ceremony yThanh Nam (7-year-old) was one of the bright awardees.

The Mid-Autumn festival celebration, which was organized by VLU’s Labor Union, provided not only a playground to children but a beautiful and bonding experience to VLU’s faculties, staff, and their family members.

Written by: Hoai Anh
Photo by: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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