2nd VLU Book Week welcomes new students of Term 26 and new school year 2020-2021

(VLU - September 22, 2020) - From September 18 to 23, 2020, the Library of Van Lang University held "2nd Van Lang Book Week" at Campus 3 to new students of term 26 and the new school year 2020-2021. At this book fair, VLU students pay attention to economic topics, foreign language, skills and culture books.

The second VLU Book Week in 2020 has the participation of some publishers: SaigonBooks, Fahasa, 1980 Books, Youth Publishing House, Hanoi Bookstore, starting from 7:30 a.m. to 18 p.m. everyday. The Book Fair aims to help students understand the role of books in the university, thereby building and developing a reading culture in the VLU community, as well as be an opportunity to help students access a variety of books and copyrighted books.

vlu book week a The area along the corridor of Trinh Cong Son Hall was more crowded during Van Lang University Book Week

In this year's Book Fair, students select books according to their needs for learning and reading supplement knowledge. At the bookstore of Fahasa, Mr. Sang - in charge of the counter, said that students mainly buy some textbooks and stationery for the new school year. Meanwhile, at the bookstore of 1989 Books, Ms. Thi - in charge of the counter, said that most students choose books related to life skills: “Students will see the title and the author's name, the book's content, then decide whether to buy it or not.

For the second time at VLU Book Week, Mr. Tan - in charge of Saigon Books bookstores, said that students bought a lot of books on economics, life skills, self-help books. He often goes to universities during book fairs and finds that many students are still interested in reading culture, buying books directly together with reading online ebook.

At the bookshop of Young Publishing House, Ms. My Le, a counter, said that students paid much attention to foreign language books, especially Japanese books; Nguyen Nhat Anh's stories and top selling skills books. On average, each student buys 1-2 books. At the place of Hanoi Bookstore, Mr. Luan - in charge of the counter, said that the number of students buying books on this year was higher than that of the first one, students mainly look for books about Japanese culture. 

vlu book week bStudents pay attention to find books about economics, foreign languages, life skills, culture, ...

Reading and forming the reading culture of each student are not the same, so the reading needs of students when coming to Van Lang University Book Week are also different. Lan Huong, a 25th-term student in Public Relations, shared that she often liked to read love novels with stories, characters with messages and lessons; meanwhile, Quynh Anh - her friend, said that she liked to read books of life skills or the world’s best book. As for Nhu Hong, reading depends on each stage of development: “During high school, I used to read soul-nourishing books. Growing up, I read books about modern women's thinking like Oprah Winfrey. Currently, I read books about spirituality and the life of Nguyen Phong author...”, Hong shared.

The second Van Lang University Book Week continues to take place at Campus 3 until the end of September 23, 2020. Students can still come and choose for themselves their favorite books at an impressive discount.

- SaigonBooks: offers students with skills and culture books, with a discount of 20% -50% on cover price. The bookstore also has a program "buy books get free books" or give free notebooks; the same price book only "10,000 VND", "20,000 VND"
- Fahasa Bookshop: offers a variety of textbooks, reference materials, psychology books and learning tools, all with 10% -20% off the cover price. Bookstores provide notebooks, lovely stuffed animals for lucky customers.
- 1980 Books: there are many skill books, cultural books, stories with the discount of 20%. It also has an area for books with prices from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND, with a mini notebook.
- Young Publishing House: brings many valuable literary and cultural books of domestic and foreign authors, with a discount of 20% of the cover price.
- Hanoi Bookstore: continues to introduce cultural and philosophical titles, 30% to 50% discount on the cover price.


Written by: Hong Ngan
Photos: Lee Minh Phuong
Translated by: Oanh Doan

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