Overcoming the epidemic, the 2nd Science Conference of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities held successfully

(VLU - September 12, 2020)Although the COVID-19 epidemic has dramatically affected working, teaching, learning, and scientific research, the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities of Van Lang University successfully organized the 2nd Scientific Conference on 12 September 2020, with 20 valuable science reports. 

The 2nd scientific seminar of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities held on 12 September 2020, with 20 scientific reports from three disciplines of the Faculty (Applied Literature: 5 reports, Psychology: 7 reports, Oriental Studies: 8 reports). The articles are the results of the concentration of lecturers on the specialties of each training discipline.

vlu science conference aCriticisms and contributions were given to complete the reports in the 2nd Science Conference of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Van Lang University.

Applied Literature: continue to deepen application directions for the Literature industry

Consistently with pioneering studies on training orientation of the Applied Literature, in the scientific report "Which orientation for postgraduate training of Applied Literature at Van Lang University?", Dr. Ho Quoc Hung - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities - proposed to build graduate programs in two directions: Literature and Communication, Literature and Human Sciences.

With this direction, MSc. Nguyen Quoc Thang presented the study "Study program at University of Applied Sciences in France: the case of the Literature and Human Sciences group," in which the author outlined the characteristics of the training program literature and humanities following the direction of applied-orientation, interdisciplinarity, ideas to build to program, requirements of lecturers when they pursue the applied orientation methods in the current context.

On the other hand, with the report "Literature with Public Relations and Media," Dr. Le Thi Van mentioned the booming century of multimedia communication. The author analyzes the relationship between Literature, Public Relations, and the media: Literature helps Public Relations send profound messages to customers; at once, Literature must also rely on communication to symbiotic and develop together.

Meanwhile, MSc. Le Thi Gam went deeper into the work analysis application by bringing the scientific report "Approach from the discursive theory of the novel So Do by Vu Trong Phung," thereby asserting that So Do's expression method is not merely satirical, critical. Still, a big question always projects human, power, knowledge, and value systems into the future.

vlu science conference bDr. Ho Quoc Hung - Vice Dean of Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, Head of Major of Applied Literature at Van Lang University - presented at the Conference on 12 September 2020.

vlu science conference cWith the direction of student management studies, Dr. Nguyen Hoai Thanh presented the report "Survey of homeroom students," which shows students' satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the content, teaching methods, and career orientation of Applied Literature. Thus, the author proposes several solutions to improve the training efficiency the chairman works.

Major of Psychology: application of research on students' psychological phenomena 

The Major of Psychology has six studies reported at the Conference. Most of which center the students' psychological phenomena - e.g., the study "Anxiety disorder of students at Van Lang University" contributed by Assoc. Prof. Le Thi Minh Ha, MSc. Trinh Van Diem, MSc. Tran Thu Ha, MSc. Bui Thi Han, MSc. Tran Hoang Thu Thuy; the cutting-edge research of MSc. Bui Thi Han on "Psychological difficulties of students when studying online during the COVID-19 epidemic"; the research "Students' satisfaction in training program of the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities" by MSc. Thi Dao Luu; the research "The learning style of Van Lang students" by MSc Tran Hoang Thi Thu Thuy, etc. 

Different from the others, MSc. Tran Thu Ha selected the research topic: "The phenomenon of game addiction of junior students" . From surveys and findings, the author believes that game addiction is a common phenomenon today and is also the cause of students' uncontrollable behaviors.

In psychology reports, the most purely theoretical research is "Typical behaviors of society" by Dr. Phan Thi Kim Ngan. The study has analyzed and systematized two typical types of social behavior - altruism and aggression. It synthesizes the manifestations, mechanisms, motivations, causes, and effects of those; and thereby offers solutions to enhance altruistic behavior and limit aggressive behavior in humans.

vlu science conference dAssoc. Prof. Le Thi Minh Ha - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Science & Humanities, Head of Major of Psychology - presented her scientific report at the Conference.

Oriental Studies and three in-depth majors: Korean studies, Japanese studies, and Chinese studies

For Korean studies, four scientific reports in the seminar are practical: "Notes when translating Korean passive sentences into Vietnamese" by MSc. Dinh Thi Huyen; "The reality of depression in Korean people" by MSc. Tran Thi Diem Hang, etc. With the trend of study abroad for young people, MSc. Vo Sang researched "The influence of Hallyu culture on the young people's selection to study in Korean". Notably, the report "Research on the increasing abortion in Vietnamese youth today" goes deeper into the social mobility, the role of family, schools, and community towards children's education on personality, gender, and reproductive health. These factors impact the decision to get an abortion. From the findings, the author proposed measures to educate about sexual and reproductive health for students in all three environments.

For Japanese studies, there was historical research "The transformation of the classes' position in Japanese society during the Edo period (1600-1868)" by MSc. Duong Ngoc Phuc. The study analyzes the development and differentiation of each class in the progress of Japanese society.

For Chinese Studies, three studies were brought to support the teaching and learning of Chinese. Among them, the report "Research on phonetic expressions on Chinese stress of Vietnamese students" by Dr. Pham Dinh Tien has reached several remarkable conclusions. In particular, when expressing stress, students with advanced Chinese language skills (HSK6) cannot create the difference in height between stress and adjacent syllables to define the internal stress clearly. Since then, the author asserted that the teachers should focus on imparting knowledge and practice of stress and intonation to learners when teaching Chinese phonetics.

MSc. Ha Thi Minh Trang also desired to improve the quality of Chinese language teaching. Trang presented the study "Using mind maps in Chinese listening sessions" to help learners review the old and new knowledge from an overall structure with attached photos. Since then, the adjustments would be given to improve the effectiveness of foreign language teaching and learning. Meanwhile, MSc. Nguyen Trung Hieu contributed a report which supplemented materials and research for learners - "Horse image in Chinese idioms, proverbs (compared with Vietnamese idioms, proverbs)". It turns out that the horse appears in Chinese idioms and proverbs more, and with a richer symbolic meaning than Vietnamese idioms and proverbs. The research thus reflected the characteristics of nomadic culture.

vlu science conference fReporter of Oriental Studies Major

At the end of the Conference, Dr. Ho Quoc Hung commented: The scientific reports presented at the seminar raised fascinating issues. The association of research methodologies with reality would be the upcoming forms and tendencies, overriding the previously academic, intensive research trends. Those issues presented in today's workshop are just the first steps. The authors' opinions, as well as reviewers' will suggest each person to keep thinking and researching.

vlu science conference g

The Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at Van Lang University was established in 2017 and is developing rapidly with four training disciplines: Applied Literature, Psychology, Oriental Studies, and Social Work. The Faculty is applied orientation for programs based on exploiting the social and humanities' profound academic background.

Article: Thanh Tien
Images: Minh Phuonng
Translated by: Pham Vu Thien An

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