Cooperation between the British Council and Van Lang University in organizing "Active citizenship to develop the social enterprises" workshop

(Van Lang, June 23, 2020) – To strengthen the student's career consultancy team, Van Lang University's Center for Student Development had organized a workshop titled "Training of Trainers, active citizenship to develop the social enterprises" in the cooperative scheme with the British Council. Forty lecturers and staff of Van Lang University had participated in this workshop.

The "Training of Trainers, Active citizenship to develop the social enterprises" workshop, held at Van Lang University's campus for five consecutive days (10 – 14/06/2020), consisted of various activities. Such activities focused on self-exploration and development, cross-cultural communication, and other knowledge and skills related to starting social enterprises such as defining social issues, establishing business models, and presenting for funding, etc. 

vlu workshop british council van lang aVLU’s lecturers and staffs taking part in Active citizenship workshop (06/2020).

The workshop aims to train Homeroom lecturers and the Mentoring team. They are the immediate influencers to Van Lang University’s advancement by providing students with mentoring services, study plans, and career orientation guides, and hands-on applications of acquired knowledge and skills. These individuals are expected to share their understandings with all VLU's lecturers and staff so that VLUers can develop and implement their student development activities.

More footages of VLU’s Active citizenship (lecturers and staffs), building and implementing action plans for VLU’s student community, are displayed below.

“Training of Trainers, Active citizenship to develop social enterprises” workshop was expected to provide VLU’s lecturers and staffs with:

  • The inspirations and knowledge, focusing on social creativity and social entrepreneur spirit through experience-based learning, and the methods to apply in their lectures.
  • Coordinating skills, abilities to use the Active Citizen Social Enterprise Toolkit to develop training activities, which assist students in their Social enterprise start-up projects.
  • British Council’s facilitator certificate, British Council and MOET’s facilitator membership, and the eligibility for further internal staff training.
  • The abilities for Homeroom lecturers and Mentoring team to deploy Student development activities for the student community from the academic year 2020 – 2021 onward.

Despite the high-density schedule of activities, Van Lang University still aims to be the organizer of social events such as charity works, green summer as well as NGO's projects like career orientation for high school student and other student support programs for VLU’s students, namely “Tutoring – co-study” or Academic and Career Advising…

vlu workshop british council van lang bEach citizen, who participates in the workshop, will receive the British Council's facilitator certificate and be a member of the British Council and MOET's facilitator network.

Under the British Council organization, VLU's lecturers and staff have experienced a series of educational activities such as Character and Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Local and global communities' connection, and Plan-making for community projects. The program has equipped the Homeroom lecturers and Mentoring team with emerging skills to deal with upcoming globalizing challenges. Every bit of the acquired knowledge will be adapted to Van Lang University and every single household. This process is called Study Journey. Thanks to the program, citizens and communities could elevate their confidence, learn about the value of differentiation, strengthen one’s very own knowledge about the local communities as well as reaching to other communities.

Footages of VLU’s lecturers and staff joining the “Active citizenship to develop social creativity” program.


Center for Student Development
Translated by Pham Vu Thien An


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