Van Lang University open admissions for the Pathway Foundation Year Program to Curtin University

(Van Lang, December 21, 2019) - In 2019, Van Lang University cooperates with GEGCO - Global Education Group to connect Vietnamese students with international universities, building a 1-year pre-university program for students who are currently or have completed high school studying abroad at Curtin University - Australia.

On March 25, 2019, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University - had a meeting with GEGCO Global Education Group - Curtin University (Australia), and agreed on Van Lang University becoming a representative unit in Viet Nam to deploy pre-university training courses for Curtin University, in order to save on fees for pupils and students wishing to study in Australia by having the opportunity to access training programs locally. 

vlu gecco curitn eAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - President of Van Lang University welcomed Mr. Cao Duc Ky, Director of Global Education Group Co (GEGCO), the organization of the Foundation year training program for Curtin University, Australia.


The Foundation Program at Curtin University (Australia) is a program for students who are currently not eligible or ready for entry to the first year of university study. Pre-university courses are designed to help international students meet the bachelor's entry requirements, prepare practical skills and knowledge for international students before entering university programs, help international students integrate quickly into the life and study environment in Australia. A number of universities are willing to accept students who complete Curtin University preparatory courses into their undergraduate programs.

Who can attend the Curtin University Foundation Program Course?

1. High school students (grades 10 - 12) can immediately study the DBD program to save time, not necessarily waiting for graduating from grade 12:

• If you do not have enough English for entry, you can take Intensive English program IEP (Intensive English program) at Van Lang University (scheduled to open on January 20, 2020) or at Curtin University (Malaysia) at Miri.

• If you have enough English for entry (IELTS 5.0), you will start studying the Foundation Program in 2 semesters; on successful completion, you can then enroll at an Australian or UK university on the list of GEGCO’s associate universities. 

2. Students who have graduated from high school

• If you do not have enough English for entry, you can take an intensive English IEP course at Van Lang University or Curtin University (Malaysia).

• If you qualify for entry English, you can apply for pre-sessional study for an intensive semester, and then enroll at an Australian or UK university on the GEGCO list.

vlu gecco curtin bCurtin University (Australia) was founded in 1966, is a large university located in the city of Perth, Western Australia. The school was renamed Curtin University of Technology in 1987.

Curtin University is the first member of the Australian Technology Network. The university has about 46,000 students studying at 16 locations including facilities in Sydney, Singapore, and Malaysia. The main campus of the school is located in Bentley - Perth - with teaching in all faculties. The University has about 10,000 international students from 120 countries around the world studying in Perth, Sydney and some other locations in Australia.

Curtin University has a global reputation for its quality of training and research, earning a place in the top 1% of universities worldwide in the 2019 World University Quality Rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities). The University also ranked 9th in Australia in the World University Rankings of 2019 (Times Higher Education's World University Rankings 2019). QS World University Rankings also place Curtin University in 21st place globally in the ranking of schools under 50 years old. 


Curtin University Foundation Year Program offers 02 preparatory courses for students in specialization (1) Science and Engineering and (2) Business and Commerce. Upon successful completion of the preparatory course, students are eligible for direct entry into a bachelor's degree program at Curtin University or one of the schools listed on GEGCO’s associate universities.

Department of Science and Technology

To complete the Science and Engineering preparatory course, students need to complete 8 subjects:

vlu gecco curtin c

After completing this preparatory course, students can take the following courses at Curtin University or university in the linked list of GEGCO:

     - Bachelor of Engineering (Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Energy, Environment, Electronics and Communications, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum).

     - Bachelor of Technology (Computer Systems and Networks).

     - Bachelor of Science.

Business and Trade

To complete the Business and Commerce preparatory course, students need to complete the following units.

vlu gecco curtin d

Upon successful completion of this preparatory course, students can take the following courses at Curtin University or a university on the list of GEGCO’s associate universities. 

     - Bachelor of Business Administration.

     - Bachelor of Arts (Mass Media).

     - Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Finance, Banking Accounting, Business Accounting, Accounting Finance, Banking Finance, Business Makerting, Financial Management, Finance and Marketing, Administration and Marketing, Public Relations and Management, Public Relations and Management, Hotel Tourism and Marketing) 

Benefits of becoming a GEGCO Pre-University Student:

- Intensive English program to support students with insufficient English for entry

- Support learning in the form of conferences, teaching assistants and academic advisors

- A variety of modern teaching methods including seminars, introduction of research methods, laboratory projects, group projects, multimedia discussion and presentation methods.

- Visa application support (VISA)

- Highly qualified lecturers with years of experience.

Students who successfully complete the Foundation Program course is guaranteed a place at Curtin University to undertake one of the above undergraduate degrees and are also qualified for entry into one of the following universities subject to place availability:

- University of Technology Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

- Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

- University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia

- University of South Australia

- John Moores University, Liverpool, UK

- Bedfordshire University, Luton, UK


The tuition for the Foundation Program is US$ 6,500 / year and students who register will pay US$ 1,625 (1/4 of the total tuition) upon enrollment.

 If students pay 100% tuition when they enroll, they will receive a 10% discount. 

Tuition for an Intensive English Program term of 10 weeks is US$ 1,050. 

Method of payment: Transfer via bank or credit card (GEGCO is opening an account at a local bank so that students can pay tuition fees in VND via a bank account in Vietnam).

For questions about the Foundation Program at Curtin University - Australia, please contact GEGCO via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or contact for translation support and register for the course through the Office of International Cooperation and Scientific Research - Van Lang University, phone: 02871099229, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration form:


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