Impressive talkshow “AI – Blockchain and start-up story” of Van Lang University

(Van Lang, November 4th2019) On November 1st, 2019, at Trinh Cong Son Hall – Campus 3, Van Lang University successfully organized Talk-show “AI – BLOCKCHAIN and startup story” with the presence of speakers who are the most successful Vietnamese start-ups in the field of AI Technology (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan aThe special talk-show on AI Technology attracted a large number of Van Lang staff – lecturers and students. Nearly 1,500 seats of Trinh Cong Son Hall – the 3rd Campus of Van Lang University had been fully occupied before the program began.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan b5 speakers attending the talk-show are well-known in Vietnamese technology and start-up world as well as in the world, from the left: MSc. Ngo Tri Giang - Founder, CEO Everest Education, Ph.D. Luu The Loi - Founder, CEO Kyber Network, MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu – Founder, CEO Elsa Speak Project, Ph.D. Vu Duy Thuc – Founder, CEO Kambria Project and Ph.D. Nguyen Cao Tri – Vice Chairman of Broad of Directors of Van Lang University.

In addition to speakers participating in the Discussion Forum on stage, the Talk-show is also honored to invite historian Duong Trung Quoc – Member of National Council for Education and Development, National Assembly Delegate, Vice President and General Secretary of Viet Nam History Association, Dr. Vu Viet Ngoan – Former Head of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Group, Prof. Tran Hong Quan - Former Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam, Prof. Ph.D. Thai Kim Lan - Famous Professor of Philosophy in Germany; Co-founder of the 2nd German – Vietnamese Friendship Organization, the family of composer Trinh Cong Son – Mrs. Trinh Vinh Trinh and Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc,…

The talk show also welcomed Van Lang University leaders participated in the event: Dr. Nguyen Dac Tam – Vice Chairman of Boad of Directors of Van Lang University, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Vice Chairman of Boad of Directors; Assoc. Prof Tran Thi My Dieu – President, MSc. Vo Van Tuan – Standing Vice President, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Ang - Vice President, lectures and students. 

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan c




To begin the Talk-show, Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University – shared: “We are living in a period when Digital Transformation has a strong impact on life. The change is very quick and forces us to adapt. That affects us – the school board. Van Lang University wishes to comprehensively transform the ecosystem and looks forward to digital future within the next 5 – 10 years. Currently, Van Lang is building AI – VR room – Virtual Reality lab for all faculties. Hopefully today’s Talk-show will open up many opportunities for cooperation as well as I hope Van Lang receives great support from leading technology start-ups…"


Learning from failure

The speakers said that, in the field of technology startups, young people should not pay too much attention to the latest technology, but start from understanding what users need to solve problems in their lives. From there, find technological solutions to solve their real needs. That is the key to successful entrepreneurship through the application of artificial intelligence.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan dLearning from successful stories is very difficult, dears, because everyone has different stories and factors that lead to success. Perhaps learning from failure stories is easier and helps you avoid the most risks.” – Dr. Vu Duy Thuc – Founder, CEO Kambria Project told about starting a business.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan eShare the story of her failure, founder and CEO Elsa Speak Project – MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu confided: “During the course of going to school, my grades were always very high; but when I applied to many companies for internships during the summer semester, it was a surprise; not only did I not receive it, but also no company called me to interview. This was like a slap in my face at the time. When a teacher asked my class to tell about our first failure, the whole class was silent. He concluded that the whole class failed because there was simple nothing to fall, because the way we choose to study for good grades is just a safe way to learn.”

Similarly, failure due to subjectivity and misjudgment of the market, misunderstanding customer needs, the source of goods, and not doing survey before implementation are the lessons of MSc. Ngo Chi Giang – CEO Everest Education. In parallel with the educational project Everest, he also implemented another project. Having held for 2 years, he “burned” more than $1 million borrowed from relatives and friends… In that painful case, sending apologies to everyone is the only thing he could do. He advised Van Lang students and young people in general to take advantage of the strengths of each factor in the collective: “My luck and strength is that I could understand my weaknesses and find suitable partners to make the team stronger.”

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan fMSc. Ngo Chi Giang wholeheartedly instructed the students of Van Lang University after the Talk-show.

Dr. Luu The Loi – CEO Kyber Network, being sympathetic with the story of MSc. Ngo Chi Giang said that his group shared the same miserable failure. At start-up, his team chose to develop the School Management System software. They did not understand the market and the actual needs of users, so when they launched the product to the market, no one used it because there was a similar software at that time.

Being bear in mind about past failure which had been paid by time, money and effort, all four speakers sincerely advised young people who want to start a business advice: start a business with a product that comes from demand, instead of choosing to do what they like.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan g“Must make a difference, no one can copy or compare” – Dr. Luu The Loi – one of the 30 most influential people under 30 years old in Asia voted by Forbes Asia in 2018 – shared his experience.

AI – Blockchain in education in Vietnam

According to Dr. Vu Duy Thuc, AI has been applied extensively to life, in many areas and is an indisputable trend. In some jobs, AI performs more precisely than humans. However, artificial intelligence technology cannot replace us at all. AI is only really effective and valuable in the case of Big Data or with boring repetitive tasks that people often make mistakes because of being uninterested.

According to MSc. Van Dinh Hong Vu, education is one of the fields to ready to apply AI, not only at the university level but also at lower levels of education. A teacher cannot fully understand what all his or her students like and are interested in, but AI can do it through big data.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan hMSc. Ngo Chi Giang, expressed that the simpler, the more repetitive and the less interactive task is more likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence. Jobs that require creativity, more interaction will be less affected. Particularly in the field of education, the position of the teacher will not change but the routine work must definitely change.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan iBesides AI, Van Lang students also got a lot of useful information about block-chain technology through the sharing of Dr. Luu The Loi. Being the only one of the block-chain savvy speakers, he had lots of sharing and tips on block-chain – where people can transact directly with each other without intermediaries. Currently, in the world, Block- chain is widely applied in the field of finance and banking.

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan j




Historian Duong Trung Quoc watched the event and shared at the end of the program: “I am 73 years old. At this point I am also starting a business and I hope that the young people will boldly carry out the bigger things. Therefore, I have reached out to young people who have been eager to renew education. We think that there are many needs in society, not only the young committed people but also the elderly, because I have experienced it, if we join today, it will be easy to recognize what can be done.” 





vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan lEmphasizing the mission of students, Dr. Vu Viet Ngoan – former Head of the Advisory Group of the Prime Minister affirmed: “I am very impressed with the Talk-show today, I am impressed by the organization of Van Lang University, especially impressed with four young people on stage, introducing AI – Blockchain technology and starting a business. My comment is: I also want to start-up. Secondly, I would like to say: Our country comes to a time of radical change. Intellectual exploitation of Vietnamese people in Vietnam will bring success.”

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan m


Prof. Tran Hong Quan – Former Minister of Education and Training – has high expectations: “The storm named Revolution 4.0 gives equal opportunity to all developed and developing countries. Older people like us cannot participate like young people, but we have the right to expect from you.”



Prof. PhD. Thai Kim Lan, a famous philosophy professor in Germany, said: “Through the talk show today, I am very fond of Mr. Thuc’s philosophy of failure. We start a business if we only aim for success, we will fail harder than when we are familiar with the idea that we can fail."

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan oPicture: Prof. PhD. Thai Kim Lan and Singer Trinh Vinh Trinh ( Trinh Cong Son’s elder sister).

In closing remarks of the program, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Rector of Van Lang University affirmed: “Today’s talk-show is useful not only for students and lectures of the University but also for those who love technology. I would like to say thank you to the speakers who gave us and our students an overview of technology and entrepreneurship. From now on, Van Lang confidently said that this will be a forum to gather leading scientist to exchange, share experiences and the most advanced technology trends for Vietnam. We are very grateful to the speakers who have been together with Van Lang in building the Open Innovation Hub – a place not only for Van Lang students but also for Vietnamese students, teachers, and scientists who love science, want to develop and transfer technology.”

vlu talkshow Ai Blockchainan nTalk show “AI – Blockchain and startup stories” gave Van Lang students greater inspiration and determination.

Through talk show “ AI – Blockchain startup stories”, Van Lang University wants the spread of technology startup stories and products using artificial intelligence integration platform will motivate students and arouse the desire to develop artificial intelligence for Vietnam in the future as well as while bring practical values in learning and student life. 

Source: Ngan Tran
Photo: Huynh Long – Hoang Tung
Translated by Thanh Thao

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