8th CsoNet 2019 International Conference was hosted at Van Lang University

(Van Lang, November 16th 2019) – Nearly 80 experts in the field of Science and Information Technology from various countries were welcomed to attend in the 8th International Conference on Computational Data and Social Networks (2019 CSoNet), taking place for 3 days, from 18th to 20th November, 2019 at Van Lang University (Campus 3, 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCMC).

CSoNet (International Conference on Computational Data and Social Networks) is the annual international conference on computational data and social networking, first held in 2013, with the participation of researchers, experts on leading Big Data from academia, research institutes from many countries around the world.

CSoNet has been organized in many cities such as Hangzhou - China (2013), Hawaii - USA (2014), Beijing - China (2015), Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam (2016), Hongkong - China (2017), Shanghai - China (2018). This is the second year that CSoNet is held in Vietnam and also is the first time Van Lang University has been chosen to host this international conference.

The event was attended by experts from Johns Hopkins University (USA), University of Florida (USA), Madrid University of Technology (Spain), University of Virginia (USA), Nanyang Technological University (Singarpore), University of Texas (USA), University of Exeter (UK), Seoul National University (Korea), ISI Global Science Foundation, ...

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CSoNet served as the world's largest science platform for Big Data, where scientists shared and discussed the development and breakthroughs in data, information technology and the media. In addition, the conference was also a place for the experts to share their future plans on Big Data exploitation and technology solutions. The event has helped the participants, especially young scientists of Van Lang University, having the opportunity to learn, to share the latest studies, and connect with leading experts in the field of technology and Big Data.

At 2019 CSoNet, the experts have discussed the principles, algorithms, tools that govern social network structure, functions - behavior, security and privacy, diffusion of information and influence, social recommendations systems that will be directly applied to all types of social media and data networks, etc.

vlu 8th CsoNet 2019 at vanlanguni logoThe CsoNet 2019 logo designed by Van Lang University has received high praise from the CSoNet Steering Committee.

For the 2019 CSoNet event, Van Lang University has actively prepared many aspects including the new logo design of the event. With the theme "Computational techniques and social networks", the logo is symbolized for the image of paths on technical circuits, showing the connection in the field of technology and social networks, which is growing and connecting people all over the world. The logo is based on 3 letters C, S, O with the letter C mainly used. Combined with the soft curves of S, the logo has symbolized the success of the workshop for many years. Besides, the circle of the letter O represents the Earth and internationality. The 8 circles in the logo demonstrate 8 workshops from 2013 to 2019. Meanwhile, the first closed circle represents the first workshop - solid foundations. The next circles respectively get bigger and bigger, revealing the development of the conference through years and its widely-known reputation.

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Within the organization of CSoNet, the leaders of Van Lang University will discuss with the scientists around the world about  building a digital ecosystem in Van Lang University.

During the 3 days of the 2019 CSoNet conference (November 18-20, 2019), there were 3 main presentations, a general discussion (panel), 5 speeches, 40 studies. With the topic “Computational data and social networks", the conference had 3 important speeches (keynote speech), including the topic "Distance-based community search" by Prof. Andrea Tagarelli - University of Calabria (Italy) and "Building Information Modeling as Digital Twin for Sustainable Design Optimization" by Dr. Le Hung Tien - Dean of  Engineering Faculty of Van Lang University, contributing one of the three main presentations of 2019 CSoNet.

At the end of the conference, all the presentations will be posted to the digital library of Computer Science, listed by ISI. In addition, high-quality papers will be selected for publications in the scientific journals: Combinatorial Optimization, IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineer and Computational Social Network.

Van Lang University is proud to be the organizer of the international-level intensive conferences in the field of computational data and social networks, confirming its reputation with the academic community on science and technology in and abroad, set a milestone in the strategy to promote scientific research and technology application. The leadership of Van Lang University hopes that through the 2019 CsoNet event, the lecturers and students attending the event will find it interesting, useful and research orientation in the field of information and communication technology in order to solve computational data and social networking problems, taking a strong "transformation" to stay ahead of the digital age.

Trailer CSoNet 2019 - International conference on computational data and social networks

Source: Le My
Video: Thien Huy
Translated by: Linh Pham
Edited by: Duyen Anh Vo

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