Advanced Program Implementation: Van Lang students being able to receive a bachelor’s degree of Victoria University (Australia)

(Van Lang, 07/30/2019) Starting from the 25th course – 2019, Van Lang University develops Advanced Program training for 2 sectors: Business Administration and Commercial Business, in the form of a linking forward training 2 + 2 (2 academic years at Van Lang University, 2 academic years at Victoria University, Australia and receive a Bachelor’s degree of Victoria University - Australia).

Affiliate Program 2 + 2

After long preparation period, Van Lang University implements the Advanced Affiliate Program with Victoria University (Australia) from the academic year 2019 - 2020. This is the result of the agreement process in collaboration with Victoria University since early 2018.

thu tuong afenDr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Van Lang University and Ms. Rhonda Hawkins, Vice Rector of Victoria University (Australia), signed a cooperation agreement between the two universities.

On the basis of comparing the training programs between the two universities, Van Lang University and Victoria University (Australia) offer a common unified program for bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Commerce Business. 10 modules of Van Lang University’s program are recognized and considered to be equivalent to 8 modules of Victoria University’s Bachelor Program in terms of volume and content. Victoria University recognizes 10 modules of Van Lang University's program equivalent in volume and content with 8 modules (out of 24 modules) of the Bachelor Program at Victoria University. Accordingly, the Advanced Program under the cooperation of  Van Lang University and Victoria University is designed in the form of 2 + 2 links.

*The first 2 academic years at Van Lang University

Students study the program in English, except for Marx - Lenin Theoretical modules and Basic Computer Science. Students have good environment to interact with lecturers and with students in each class which is no more than 35 students. The modules in the first 2 years at Van Lang are recognized as being equivalent to the bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Commerce Business of Victoria University. 

 *The next 2 academic years at Victoria University and being rewarded a Bachelor’s degree at Victoria University

To study in 3rd and 4th years at Victoria University, students need to have an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher and no IELTS component score below 6.0; at the same time, the average of the modules studied in years 1 and 2 at Van Lang University reaches 7.0 or higher on a 10-score scale.

Students who complete the final 2-year program at Victoria University will receive a Bachelor's degree from Victoria University.

chuong trinh tien tienEnrollment targets about 80 students /course. Students study the program with about 98% of the volume taught in English.

Tuition fee policy of the Advanced program for course 25th.

With many advantages in training programs, the Advanced Program has a higher tuition fee than the Standard Program of Business Administration and Commercial Business. Accordingly, the advanced program fee for the 25th course of enrollment in 2019 is 80 million VND / year.

As Course 25th is the first course of the Advanced Program, all students in the program will be offered 20% discount. Thus, the actual tuition fee is 64 million VND / year / student.

In addition, Van Lang University has an annual scholarship policy for 10% students who are on the top. Scholarship is about 15% of the actual tuition fee.

During the first 02 years at Van Lang University, students pay tuition fees in accordance with the provisions of Van Lang University. When attending the last 02 years at Victoria University, students pay tuition in accordance with the University of Victoria.

Conditions for Advanced Program registration:

Students of the 25th course who want to apply for the Advanced Program in Business Administration and Commercial Business  will be considered for admission based on a total of 02 components: the placement English test (weighted 0.7) and the score Average of 03 entrance subjects (weighted 0.3). The school will consider admissions based on the total score from high to sufficient criteria or quality assurance threshold.

Students who want to register for the program should contact Department of Commerce & Business Administration of Van Lang University - 5th floor of the LV administration building, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about the program, please contact Master. Nguyen Mai  Lan Thanh - phone 0966668423 or Master. Nguyen Hong Mai - phone 0935673888.

Ngan Tran (synthesis)
Source: Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration.

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