Acknowledgments for Finnish education program from Teachers of Van Lang University

(Admissions and Communications office - Van Lang, 20/5/2019) – From October, 2018 to May 2019, 30 lecturers of Van Lang University and Da Nang University of Architecture participated in courses of  Finnish education program- which helps teachers improve their teaching method.  After the courses, all the lecturers say that they have positively changed their teaching activities and really appreciate this meaningful program.

The Finnish Program has been implemented by Van Lang University in collaboration with Finland Educational Center since 2018 with 02 programs held at the same time:

  1. Pathway Program: This program instructs advanced technical subjects to students from all institutions to register, organizes 2 years of teaching and learning at Van Lang University and another 2 years in Finnish partner schools. The program is enrolling students for the 2nd course and initially making encouraging progress.See also: Opening the Finnish Education program at Van Lang University 

  2. Teacher Training Program goes through a series of 5 workshops from October, 2018 to May, 2019. Participated by teachers from Van Lang University and Danang University of Architecture, this program was instructed by Finnish professors. The workshops in this program mainly focused on the advanced university teaching methods in Finland- which drew a lot of attention and interest from all the participants.

comment findland 01The opening ceremony of the Teacher Training Program at Van Lang University Headquarters (October, 2018).

comment findland 0230 lecturers of Van Lang University and DaNang University of Architecture seriously and enthusiastically participated in the program under direct guidance of professors from Finland University.

After the course, Van Lang University's website has received a lot of sharing and thanks from the teachers participating in the training. All of them express their great thanks to the Finnish professors and their excitement for successfully applying advanced education methods.

comment findland 001M.A. Doan Thi Kieu Oanh - Lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages of Van Lang University. "To me, the experience from Finnish program offers me a great opportunity and helps me better understand about the philosophy of a world leading education. I myself have applied some teaching methods into my classrooms and feel that they are new, interesting, and my students seem to be more active and excited about the lesson. I am very impressed by the way the Finnish teachers prepare materials for each lesson. They are dedicated, thoughtful and meticulous to every detail, which I may not have done in my teaching. I think I need to learn more to improve myself. What I like most about the course is that I had the opportunity to network with other colleagues to listen and share views from many different perspectives. The most impressive activity, for me, was when we took turns to play the role of the counsellor; we seemed to forget that we had to do a teacher-initiated activity. Instead, we started to sincerely talk about the problems in our lives, work and emotions to gain the sincere sharing and advice in return. Although the course has ended, for me, it was a milestone for a new beginning when we can sit together to start new projects in the future, to experience and grow together in life and work. I really appreciate the school leaders for caring and enabling us to have this opportunity.."

comment findland 006 Teachers from Danang University of Architecture

"We want to express our thanks to the experts in the Teacher Training Program. We have been updated with lots of useful information about university teaching methods from Finland as well as the role of lecturers at higher education levels. Taking part in discussions with experts and lecturers of Van Lang University has inspired us not only in teaching but also in accompanying with students on their own development path. Thank you so much."

comment findland 002 Ngo Le Uyen - Teacher from Danang Architecture University (on the right)

"After four workshops in the Teacher Training Program organized by Van Lang University and organizations from Finland, I have gained more knowledge and useful skills to facilitate my teaching. The knowledge learned from this course has been applied to my lectures and my students are very excited.Thank you Van Lang University and Finnish Universities for organizing a very useful course for teachers. Thank you Van Lang University for enabling teachers from other schools like me to come and learn. I hope we will have more opportunities to learn in the future. Wishing Van Lang University success.and development. Wishing our education has positive changes!"

Ngo Le Uyen - Teacher from Danang Architecture University

comment findland 003

"Thank you "Teacher Training Program 2018-2019" for many beautiful memories. I have the opportunity to enrich my pedagogical skills, to learn from super cute teachers, and to make friends with many extremely nice colleagues. Hope VLU will continue to have useful programs for teachers like this"

Pham Thi Nhu Quynh- Faculty of Accounting and Finance of Van Lang University

6I7A6198"Participating in the Finnish Program is an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their work in the specific context of the school as well as a changing educational environment. Thank you the Finnish Program teachers for sharing their knowledge and methods. I believe this is the starting point for positive changes in my work as well as my colleagues"

 Hoang Hoa Son Tra - Faculty of Accounting and Finance of Van Lang University



comment findland 004


ngoc haM.A.Architect. Mai Le Ngoc Ha- Faculty of Architecture of Van Lang University" The course about Counseling and Work Life Oriented Learning Environment has perfected Finland Teacher Training program from November 2018 to now. The program has provided comprehensive concepts of advanced university and useful tools for teaching and pedagogical management, as well as brought profound experience and feeling to learners.As in every normal classroom, the results of each person will not be the same. But this is definitely an extremely attractive and successful class in term of teaching methods. Many people originally came to class to satisfy their curiosity and then stayed to the end because of the fun and meaning it brought.Firstly, we were attracted by the interesting atmosphere that Mika and Petjia created in the classroom. As the two professors said, they came not to teach, they came to exchange, to listen, to talk and to learn from us, so the class was always very comfortable.Secondly, we were interested in the doors that we were sometimes chosen to enter just like the way to start a conversation, or more than that, like the way we manage our life and work. We realize we have a multitude of moods, nuances, thoughts, and emotions. We naturally bring these colors into our life from teaching, talking to students to dealing with relatives, colleagues, customers ...And then it was more exciting when Mika let us discover just how incomplete we were. We were assigned many different roles, looked at different aspects of the same thing and were ashamed of being inevitable with "traps" of procrastination, arrogance, reluctance, or incomprehensibility…With 14 year-experience in teaching and communicating with students, I think I can understand them well enough to help them with their difficulties or problems in learning, family matters or private life. However, it turned out that I have never listened properly, never really cared whether they have changed after taking my advice or how the change has taken place.The last interesting thing is the way we recognize how we have been changing in ourselves. After each lesson, we can't help talking to each other about that change, and feel the must to take action. This article is the first thing, and then there will be a research project on school counseling at Van Lang. 

Those are the most practical results, starting for bigger changes in the future.

In the days when the construction sites are speeding up the completion of campus 3, Van Lang is transforming vigorously and aspiring to stronger branding than ever before. The teachers - Finnish friends questioned us “What to do to grow up, to develop.” Only 3 days later were we able to look deeply into ourselves to see our change. That's the right time!

Dealing with people is more difficulty than anything else: listening, talking, questioning, asking, answering, understanding, arguing, encouraging, comforting, inspiring, solving, ... And there is nothing which is as great as human power. If every individual is motivated to develop and those individuals are able to listen, know how to rely on each other, look at the same side, it can be sure that the organization will develop.

We are lucky people who have followed this program to the end and we are changing, taking action from the simplest things in our own lives to the more influential ones. Hopefully, there will be more teachers who can stop  procrastinating to join this program or any other courses to feel the power of CHANGE, of yourself and of the school we are accompanying: Van Lang. "


In the remarkable evolution of Van Lang University, lecturers play an extremely important role to form school culture and improve the quality of training and brand reputation. Programs to improve professional skills and qualifications for lecturers will continue to be implemented, providing an opportunity for teachers to renew themselves and transmit positive energy to students. These are also fundamental steps to improve the training quality of Van Lang University towards advanced education and international integration


Compiled by Kieu Oanh (Sarah)

Translated by: Pham Thi Hoai

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