Van Lang participate the 13th CONFRAISIE organised by AUF at Pacific Ocean region

(Admission&Media08/05/2019) - Morning 07/05/2019, Van Lang University participate the 13th CONFRAISIE of AUF in Pacific-Ocean region. The event occurred at University of Economics and Law of Ho Chi Minh City.

Van Lang University participates CONFRAISIE with approximately 100 representatives from 88 other universities, education and research organisation of 11 countries, ministers, deputy minister for education and training of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Vanuatu. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – President and Dr. Tran Cam Thi – Vice Dean of Tourism Faculty of Van Lang University participate in this grand events of AUF.

dh van lang hoi nghi hieu truong aThe 13th CONFRAISIE honoured welcome the presence of Mr. Youk Ngoy (The Scretary of State for Education and French Language – Kingdom of Cambodia); Mr. Khamphai Sisavanh (Vice minister of Education, Social Republic Laos); Mr. Jean-Pierre Nirua (Minister of Education, Vanuatu); Prof. Jean-Paul de Gaudemar – Director of AUF, Assoc. Pro. Nguyen Ngoc Dien – President of CONFRAISIE, Mr. Ouidadd Tebbaa – Office Director of AUF in Pacific Ocean region.

dh van lang hoi nghi hieu truong bAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu – Presiden of Van Lang University and Dr. Tran Cam Thi – Vice Dean of Toursim Faculty, participate in the 13th CONFRAISIE conference organized by AUF.

Due to the participation of 88 universities having teaching program in French language and educational orgranisations of Pacific-ocean countries, the CONFRAISIE conference which mainly discuss about policy of education and science, the role of French language in University, linkage among French speaking regional university with other region’s university in the world. The selected topic of the 13th CONFRAISIE Conferencer is “University – Business Dialogue: Challenges and Social Responsibility of Higher Education”, which confront the challenge facing by University: the quality of training program and research, the job opportunity of graduates as well as the the social responsibility of university.

The conference which is the occasion that universities’ leaders discuss, share information and experience and solution for development of University in context of market economy having rapid variation in social and political factors.

dh van lang hoi nghi hieu truong cThe 13th CONFRAISIE having 88 University that have program teaching in French languages belonging to 11 countries within Pacific-Ocean region.

dh van lang hoi nghi hieu truong ePGS. TS. Nguyễn Văn Phúc, Thứ trưởng Bộ Giáo dục & Đào tạo phát biểu tại Hội nghị

Giving speech at the Conference, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Minister of Education and Training welcome all the member University of AUF in Pacific-Ocean region and stated: “CONFRAISIE is the multi-cooperation forum, including 88 universities using French language from 11 different countries within Pacific-Ocean region. The target of the network which encourage the cooperation among regional members and the external counterpartners through project and technology transformation, especially for the improvement of educational quality and research training. One of the challenges is the dialogue between university and business, the social responsibility of higher education. This policy which receives the special attention of offices, government and Vietnam educational training. I hope that after this conference, the education managers share, learn experience from one another about the dialogue between business and university. This is not only dialogue but also it forms an effective cooperation which adapts the demand of both university and society.

To overcome the challenges, CONFRASIE members take the responsibility as organising, operating and cooperating to implement solution in detail and creative way which occur in the multi-cooperation context, as well as profession linkage via the bridge, CONFRASIE.


tieu de quan tri khach sanFaculty of Tourism
French – Vietnamese double-degree program

In 1997, Van Lang University,  which is the first non-stated university, become the member of AUF. Since, the cooperation program with Toulouse le Mirai University, Ré Union University, UQÀM University Canada, The Faculty of Tourism step-by-step develop the program following international standard. The stimulation program “Tourism business stimulation” which become the signature of the University.

In 2009, the tourism training program of Van Lang University officially accredited to be equivalent with Perpignan Universit’s program, both universities signed the MOA on the co-training for double degree program.

In 2010, the cooperation program commence its first admission, Hotel Management program and Tourism and Travel Service program in French-Vietnamese languages. After completion of 7 semesters at Van Lang University and the final semester at Perpignan University, students would be awarded the Bachelor of Economics at Van Lang University and Master 1 of Perpignan University which is an international qualification. This create the advantages for students continue register for Master 2 program, shorten the their Master course to 1 year term.


Kim Ngan - photos: Hieu Tran
Translated: Hieu Tran

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