Perpignan University awarded Bachelor's degrees to Tourism students of Van Lang University

(Admissions & Media OfficeVan Lang University (VLU), June 8, 2017) - June 5, 2017, at VLU’s headquarter, after 4 years of cross-border program between France and Vietnam, the 17th course students of Tourism Faculty received Bachelor's Degrees from Perpignan University (France).

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 01The Bachelor's Degree of Perpignan University is part of the French national diploma system, awarded to VLU students.The French-Vietnamese double degree is implemented on the basis of the recognition of the equivalent training program between Van Lang University and Perpignan University (France). The program has been launched at Van Lang University since 2010 for the students in two majors: Hospitality Management, and Tourism Management (Faculty of Tourism). The 17th generation students (2011 - 2015) of VLU was the second course to receive this special program. When they graduated, they received a Bachelor's degree from VLU (in the national diploma system) and a Bachelor's degree from Perpignan University (French public university diploma). From the 20th course (2014 - 2017), with the final semester studying in France, graduates will receive a Bachelor's degree from Vietnam and a Master 1 (First Year Master's degree) of France.


5 graduates received the bachelor's degrees from Perpignan University - France

The French-Vietnamese double degree program is a real challenge for students, even the students who are good at French. Within just 4 years, students have to constantly improve their foreign language proficiency and simultaneously study two-university-program of one of the best education systems in the world. A lot of students registered but they could not finish the program. Therefore, even though the number of graduates of each course is still small (5 bachelor's degrees for the 17th course; none registered 18th course, 11 students completed graduation thesis for the 19th course), their achievements received great encouragement and pride from VLU and Perpignan University.

Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. Tran Thi My Dieu - Principal of Van Lang University said: “The specialty of the French - Vietnamese cross-border program has made a mark for VLU. Meanwhile, Prof. Bernard Schéou - in charge of the transnational education of Perpignan University – spoke to the graduates: You have chosen a program that is recognized for the quality and requires great efforts. Your biggest challenge is French. Many of you started from the beginning level, then you could defend the French thesis in front of the two French-Vietnamese councils and received two diplomas. Your great efforts have been recognized. I congratulate all of you on this success and wish you will achieve a lot of success in the future.

In the friendly atmosphere, Assoc.Prof.Ph.D. Tran Thi My Dieu and Prof. Bernard Schéou together gave the diplomas from Perpignan University to 5 bachelors (course 17) graduating from the French – Vietnamese transnational education program, including: Tran Quang Binh Nguyen, Le Y Lam, Nguyen Tien Cuong, Nguyen Tuong Khanh Vy and Bui Thi Dung.

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 02Prof. Bernard Schéou congratulated the new graduates and families in the awarding ceremony.

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 03

According to Mr. Nguyen Tan Dai - Head of Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City of the French Language University Education Organization (L'Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie - AUF): What the bachelors have completed in the French - Vietnamese cross-border study program at Van Lang University is not easy at all, and it cannot be done anywhere! With the national bachelor's degree from Vietnam and France, the graduates have a premise for further study. According to the statistics, there are 95% of French language students who have jobs after 1 year of graduation. Particularly, according to the survey in June 2016, the rate of employment after 1 year of graduation of Tourism students of VLU (including ones attending the French language program) is 100%.

After the two-diploma program, there are options for career and further study…

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 04 1
Bui Thi Dung (graduated from Hospitality Management):

“In 2015, after graduating, with the knowledge and the professional competence of customer care service, I was accepted to work as an employee of Non Son store system. After 4 months, I became the store manager – in charge of managing the store's operations and sales.”


dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 05Le Y Lam (graduated from Tourism Management):
I am working as a 3D rendering specialist for Sparx Company - Virtuas. The director is French. Perhaps I was employed because I could show him my knowledge and skills in the field of customer care, as well as the ability to broaden the knowledge to other professional activities.

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 06Nguyen Tien Cuong (graduated from Hospitality Management):
After 3 months of graduation, I started to work for The Caterers Company - a company with the staff of about 600 people specializes in organizing events and outdoor parties. I was in charge of the position as a banquet staff for 4 months, then I was promoted to the position of banquet captain, 5 months later I took up the position of banquet supervisor. According to the company's assessment, my promotion process was "a record", because the previous employee who was said to have the fastest track for a promotion took 14 months for the same process.

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 07
Nguyen Tuong Khanh Vy (graduated from Hospitality Management):
I am working as a Sales staff for Phoenix Voyages Company - a travel agency. Because I am good at French, I consult and sell tours to French customers. My job is stable, and I am satisfied although the promotion in such working environment is harder and more time-consuming.

dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 08Ms. Phan Thi Nghia, mother of the bachelor Tran Quang Binh Nguyen (graduated from Hospitality Management):

Binh Nguyen couldn’t return to Vietnam to receive the diploma because he is studying the Master of Tourism course at Perpignan University - France. This August, Nguyen will defend his thesis. In 2 years studying in France, Nguyen has been fortunate to have favorable conditions to study, practice and work. My family always supports his choice right from the first day he studied at VLU. Because my son-in-law used to be an Architecture student of VLU , so we really believed in our son’s choice. Thanks to the program, Nguyen has nurtured and had a chance to fulfill his dream of continuing his postgraduate education. Now, he is cherishing even further expectations.

At the awarding ceremony, all bachelors who graduated from the two-diploma study program shared that the most difficult thing when pursuing the program was to meet the requirement of B2 level in French (because this enables them to continue to study in France ); but French was also the most interesting thing of the program. They loved this language which helped them to get useful knowledge from French lecturers and seminars in French.


dai hoc van lang trao van bang du lich phap viet 05 6 2017 09Prof. Bernard Schéou (Perpignan University), B.S. Bui Quang Do (Chairman of VLU), Assoc. Ph.D. Tran Thi My Dieu (Principal of VLU) together with the Faculty of Tourism congratulated the 19th course students for their completion of the graduation thesis. They will receive the diplomas from 2 universities in the near future

Written by Mai Yến
Credits by Phan Khoa, Kiều Trang
Translated by Ngoc Thanh

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