Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung – Vice Director of Science and Technology Department

(Admission & Media office - Van Lang, 09/4/2019) This morning, 9/4/2019, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung – Vice Director of Science and Technology Ho Chi Minh City, attended International Scientific Conference “Van Lang University Goes Global” at 3rd Campus of Van Lang University and gives the leading speech in the opening ceremony.

International Scientific Conference “Van Lang University goes Global” which is the greatest scientific events ever in Van Lang University, to celebrate 25 years of establishment of University. In the opening session of the Conference commence on 9/4/2019, Van Lang University appreciate the present of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung – Vice Director of Science and Technology Department Ho Chi Minh City and give the leading speech.

Van Lang University quote the full speech of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung.

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“Today I am honored and happy to be here on behalf of Science and Technology Department of Ho Chi Minh City, attending the opening ceremony of University and present my idea. We are happy and proud to follow and witness each step of University since day one.

Van Lang is one of the universities in Ho Chi Minh City that early socializes education, after the efforts of transforming from the university relied on state-funding into the completed private University, which has been always responsible for the mission of developing education of Ho Chi Minh City.

Starting from the group of young intellectual carry the dream of creating a kind University that the trained products approved by the society – overcome challenges of mechanism and other conditions – now Van Lang has grown big, earned reputation which is one of the shining point of Ho Chi Minh City’s pride.

The distinctive points I appreciated which is the competitive advantage of University:

Human development strategic that is clearly dedicated following below problems:

  • Van Lang consider human as the most significant value that all the investment focuses on that target – from upgrading workforce, knowledge, qualification to life.
  • Van Lang define training program that best adapts market and countries which are ready for the 4.0 revolution. All scientists simultaneously develop economic, business, service – developing the subjects that enlightens the social and humanities science – arts, emphasize on human developing in completion and creativity
  • Van Lang considers learner as the main role, caring and continuing investing in decades to have adequate capacity.

Van Lang offers high quality services: learning service, scientific research, training service following social demand: Medical demand, midwifery, high-tech agriculture, tourism, environmental cleaning service … Van Lang University can be considered as the stand-out institution that is well-invested, modern, professional wherein students are dynamic, young and are inspired by the learning attitude– the beauty of civilization and trust for the national largest City.

Van Lang has many achievements of international cooperation, sponsored projects from France, British Council, co-training programs with Australia and many other cooperation programs from faculties. Lecturers whose research journals are published nationally and internationally

Due to those uniqueness, we happily witness and having evidence to expects that Van Lang practicalize their hope until 2025 and will become one the university has the competent teaching force for training, modern campus and that gain trust from the society and nurture the inspired generation (According to the statement of Chairman Board of Trustee, Mr. Bui Quang Do answer the interview on newspaper).

While leaders of Ho Chi Minh City executing national development and a typical large City, Ho Chi Minh City is always doing the sustainable development following trend of Vietnam under the suggestions of Party Congress: Human centered sustainable development, optimize the human elements as the main source targeting sustainable development, … improving the training quality, improving people literacy, adapting with national development.

In scientific research field, Ho Chi Minh City appreciate the standard for educating human of the future: enhancing practical elements, practical skills, self-learning, appreciation of social – humanities knowledge and the achievement of modern technological science.

As we have known, Ho Chi Minh City is doing the breakthrough programs – the first program is “Improving human resources quality” that has the great belief on Department of Education and Training, and then Van Lang University is on the right path.

I would like to send my wish to Van Lang University will rapidly grow as your expectation-together build the applied scientific research, technology transformation in Ho Chi Minh City where it makess the good progress in development and living condition.

Wish you health, enthusiasm and success.

Thank you.”

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The comments and valuable feedbacks of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung which is the motivation helps Van Lang University continue to develop and to go global. On behalf of University leaders, Assoc. prof. Dr Tran Thi My Dieu – President of Van Lang University sends flowers and thank you to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung.

van lang gs nguyen ky phung 003Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ky Phung witness the MOU signing ceremony about education/training – exchanging lecturers/students – international cooperation with Van Lang University with America – Europe – Asia and Vietnam.

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Credit: Nguyen  Linh - Tình Nguyen

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