Van Lang Alumni Day 2019: 20 generations 1st reunion

(Admission & Media - Van Lang, 07/4/2019) Today, Van Lang has a special Sunday, a special occasion of April. Van Lang alumni day for the first -time organize at 3rd campus, lie a bass note of the fascinating music sheet of VL-25 of the University.

Since 1995, Van Lang have the first enrollment generation with an impressive number: 4.569 students. The opening ceremony host at Nation Academy of Public Administration of Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, 17/9/1995.

24 years past, 20 generations graduate, open career, success and having a happy life. 39283 bachelors, architects, engineers work in all regions of the countries, holding position in many different industries. Many alumni usually return for specialized cooperation with lecturers and support their juniors.

vlu cuu sinh vien 001Hôm nay, 07/4/2019, lần đầu tiên cựu sinh viên Văn Lang Khóa 1 đến Khóa 20 của các ngành cùng có dịp quy tụ trong một ngày hội cấp Trường dành cho chính mình.

Many invitation from Van Lang student community converge to celebrate the alumni day which sincerely sent to seniors and widespread to social media. People together return to the University, to Home; especially the organizing venue ar 3rd campus  - the modern university that many students graduated generation yet have chance to study.

Sunday, on 7/4/2019, about 200 alumni of Van Lang Universitu students return to 3rd campus in the early morning, people arrange time to observe facilities of the University, and eager to reunion with lecturers, friends and fellows. The day of return, alumni has a credible position in the society, work in an important position, earn high reputation in profession; at the same time many seniors has their profession and spend more time with their happy family.

vlu cuu sinh vien 002Cozy photos of the reunion day after years, it just feel like yesterday sitting under the auditorium of university

Van Lang alumni day is the first official program hosted at the grand hall of LV Building with the capacity up to 2000 people – the significant category in the Van Lan educational city. The beautiful interior, open space, lighting system, modern sound system that stunning the crowd, make a wow to welcome the next generations of Van Lang who inherit the classy facilities.

vlu cuu sinh vien 003The program occur in the morning 07/4/2019, with the participation of University leaders, lecturers, alumni, Van Lang students.

On behalf of Van Lang University of Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri – Vice Chairman of the Board, Dr. Nguyen Dac Tam – Vice Chairman of te Board, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, President, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Ang – Vice President, Dr. Duong Tan Diep – Vice President. Leaders of faculties, Office, and former lecturers come to share the happiness and reunite with former student. The organizer member, MC, drin sponsor, photographer, performers who are all Van Lang alumni

Alumni may be fill with emotion and feeling in the program having family atmosphere. Thus, the emotional speech of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu -president, who has 25 years working in Van Lang, start from the engineer, the Dean of Technology and Environment Engineering in 5 years, being president for 5 years since 8/2017. She witness and together with Van Lang went through honors and difficulties, to look back, today achievement of the university that it is such a moment.

vlu cuu sinh vien 004Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu proudly said: when you are a students, University, lecturers are always be with you. When you are alumni, University ,lecturers always follow you on your career pathway, the shared happiness, shared difficulties, challenges you may have. It is so proud to hear partners shared “anywhere I go I met Van Lang students having a key position”!

vlu cuu sinh vien 004Share the happiness, Dr. Nguyen Dac Tam tell the story about the dream of establishers of Van Lang University, remind the memory of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Generation – the difficulties in infrastructure cost time for investment. Today, 20 generations of Van Lang students converge here in our “home” – 3rd campus of Van Lang University.

vlu cuu sinh vien 006Dr. Nguyen Cao tri thank you Van Lang Alumni on the day of return: “When you enrolled into University, it is your pride. When you graduate, you are the pride of the University”.

Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri shares with alumni community about the position of Van Lang after 24 years of training, which is having a massive transformation, including long-term plans of upgrading infrastructure, training scale, policy on expanding human resources and learners. Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri hope the frequent and sustainable connection with alumni via online interaction. University is willing to help alumni in difficulties. Van Lang alumni community has the positive contribution to the rapid development of the University

vlu cuu sinh vien 007Contacting committee of Van lang University is established with 20 members, which is the contecting points between University and alumni community. The contact committee will be systemized, continuing hosting practical activities.

vlu cuu sinh vien 008Today, 20 graduated generation of Van Lang return, reunion in this auditorium “our home” the 3rd Campus of Van Lang University.

As many shares from the program, this is not only a happy day but also the image of Van Lang is always in the memory, in works, in relationship of seniors. This is when every morning travel pass the familiar path to university, take seconds to remind about the routine. That was the first friendliness for young people having the degree from Van Lang University apply for job at my company. That is the happiness when talking to partners, colleagues who used to be Van Lang students from every corner of the nation and international. This is the pride when someone have complement for Van Lang, and you are ready introduce Van Lang to your acquaintance as the credible training institution.

Van Lang University is about to celebrate 25th birthday – a significant points of University’s development. The alumni day is the start for many beneficial activities for coming years that develop Van Lang to become one of the top University in Vietnam and region. The learning experience, working and career development of seniors that are the valuable lessons for juniors.

Bich Phuong

Photos: Nguyen Linh, Tình Nguyen, Nguyen Lien

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