International Conference: sustainable design and climate change adaptation.

(P.TS&TT - Văn Lang, 11/4/2019) Including in the International Conference “Van Lang Goes Global”, subcommittees of Environment – Technology occur on 10/4/2019 with the topic “Sustainable design and climate change adaptation”.

The threats of climate change cause the rising sea level and the change of the ecology which is the concern. This is the topic of the international scientific conference of the subcommittees of Environment – Technology of Van Lang University get the attention of 11 experts from Netherland, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong and Vietnamese experts. The conference create the general background, simultaneously release practical solutions for climate change adaptation.

Environment committee
Chair: Prof. Dr. Tsunemi Watanabe (Kochi University, Japan)
Venue: Room 11.3 – Building A, 3rd campus of Van Lang University
Technology committee
Chair: Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Nong (Nagoya University, Japan)
Venue: Room 11.5 – Building A, 3rd Campus of Van Lang University

25 writings of experts from Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherland, Thailand published in Construction magazine, No. 4/2019.
07 discussion topic: Provide water in the climate change context; plastic rubbish, microplastic; renewable energy; BIM in sustainable design; Reduction and Supervision of air contamination; internal motivation.
07 MOU was signed in the afternoon session.


dh van lang tieu ban moi truong a11 international experts from Japan, Netherland, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, 22 delegates from 18 companies, 29 delegates from 24 different universities, research institutes and administrative offices of Vietnam, more than 50 students studying Biotechnology and Thermal Engineering… visit the Scientific Conference, which show the reputation of Van Lang in Environment - Technology


1. Prof.Dr. Mukand S. Babel (AIT, Thailand): Green infrastructure: A sustainable approach to water management and climate change adaptation.
2. Prof.Dr. Kujawa Katarzyna Roeleveld(Wageningen University, Netherland): Resource rovery oriented urban water management.
3. Prof.Dr. Fujii Shigeo(Kyoto University, Japan): Comparison of water use practices at peri-urban communites in Southeast Asian countries.
4. Assoc. Prof.Dr. Lê Thị Kim Oanh(Van Lang University): Characteristics of immigrants in HCMC and health risk from water use under the context of climate change impact.
5. Prof.Dr. Tsunemi Watanabe(Kochi University of Technology, Japan):Institutional analysis for sustainable development of local constructors in Japan.
6. Assoc. Prof.Dr. Judith Van Leeuwen(Wageningen University, Netherland): Plastic pollution and governance and sustainable design.
7. Assoc. Prof.Dr. Trần Thị Mỹ Diệu(Van Lang University): Situations of plastic in Vietnam.
8. Prof.Dr. Sandhya Babel(SIIT, Thamasat University, Thailand): Micro-plastic contamination in fresh water enviroment: A case study in the Chao Phray River, Bangkok.
9. Prof.Dr.  Ngo Van Nong(Nagoya University, Japan): Thermo – electrics as a renewable energy technology for waste heat recovery and smart thermal management.
10. Dr. Lê Hùng Tiến(Van Lang University): Design optimization using building information modeling (BIM) for sustainable design.
11. Mr. Ger Groeneveld(Netherland): Integrated, cross-border approach for raducing GHF emissions.
12. Dr. Đỗ Trí Nhựt(Van Lang University):Technical evaluation of the efficient use of solar water heater.
13. Prof. Huub Rijnaarts(Wageningen University, Netherland): Urban harvest as a princilple to adapt water infrastructure urbanizing delta to climate change.
14. MSc. Research Fellow. Lê Minh Trường(Van Lang University): Rain water harvest: A case of export processing zone and industrial zone in Southern Vietnam.
15. Prof.  Dr. Kim Irvine(Nanyang University, Singapore): Environmental systems modelling for urban planners: Considerations in promoting green urban design.
16. Dr. Hồ Quốc Bằng(Centre of Environmental Technology, Institute for Environment and Resources, National University of Ho Chi Minh City):Air emission inventory and modelling to develop clean air action plan and climate change mitigation for HCM city.

16 presentations of seminars, there are 7 experts present about water resources. It show the crucial role of water in life and development of human; simultaneously criticize the climate change impacts on water resources.

The presentation of Dr. Mukand S.Babel (AIT, Thailand), Prof.Dr. Fujii Shigeo (Kyoto University, Japan), Prof. Dr. Kujawa Katarzyna Roeleveld (Wageningen University, Netherland), Prof. Dr. Sandhya Babel (SIIT Institute, Thamasat University, Thailand), Prof. Huub Rijnaarts (Wageningen University, Netherland), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh and MSc. Research Fellow, Le Minh Truong (Environment and Biotechnology Faculty of Van Lang University) has provided beneficial information, practical solutions for regeneration, natural resources management over the world and Vietnam.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong bProf.Dr. Mukand S.Babel present “Green infrastructure: A sustainable approach to water management and climate change adaptation” at Van Lang University (10/4/2019).

In the opening speech of Environment committee, Prof. Dr. Mukand S. Babel give the general solutions about traditional methods of managing water resources using concrete, pointed out advantages and disadvantages. Author suggested green design idea – the preferable trends for ecological conservation and urban’s beauty.

Prof. Dr. Kujawa Katarzyna Roeleveld mentioned about problem in water resource reclaim – define direction of managing urban water resources, from household to wastewater and supply.

The direct impacts on Vietnam, the presentation of Prof. Dr. Fujii Shigeo points the difference between water resources usage of Vietnam and Cambodia and Thailand. Reporters surprisingly realize the improvement of perspectives over water quality in Vietnam and the problem in supplying water which is still under the quality assurance for users.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong cAlso discussing about water resources in Vietnam, specifically mentioned about Ho Chi Minh City, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Thi Kim Oanh – Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University joins the discussion “Characteristics of immigrants in HCMC and health risk from water use under the context of climate change impact”. All international professors highly appreciate and consolidate the further research on this topic.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong dLiên quan đến tài nguyên nước, tham luận của GS.TS. Kim Irvine Neil (Trường ĐH Nanyang, Singagpore) và GS.Huud Rijnaards (Trường ĐH Wagenigen, Hà Lan) gặp gỡ nhau ở ý tưởng thu hoạch nước mưa tại thành phố bằng các giải pháp hữu ích, khả năng ứng dụng cao. Các giải pháp kỹ thuật này có thể thực hiện ở Việt Nam. Hai giảng viên Khoa Môi trường & Công nghệ Sinh học Trường Đại học Văn Lang là ThS. NCS. Lê Minh Trường và ThS.NCS. Trần Thu Trang cũng đang làm luận án tiến sĩ về đề tài này do GS.Huud Rijnaards hướng dẫn.

Plastic air pollution become the new problem that the world encounter, so the researchs from 3 female scientists: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu (President of Van Lang University), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judith van Leeuwen (Wageningen University, Netherland) and Prof. Dr. Sandhya Babel (SIIT Institute, Thammasat University, Thailand) have the actual and practical value. Domestic and international experts highly appreciate these researches.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong e

Prof. Dr. Sandhya Babel introduce micro-plastic content – one of the hot debatable problem of the modern world, which consider as the environmental disaster and health. Professor shared the practical experience about the micro-plastic pollution experiment on Chao Praya (Bangkok, Thailand). Prof. Dr. Sandhya Babel is the collaborators of Environment and Biotechnology Faculty who is doing the experiment on assessing micro-plastic pollution on Saigon river, especially the river streams are water supply resource which assess the threats to human health.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong fAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judith Van Leeuwen presented at the Conference.

The presentation of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judith van Leeuwen introduce solutions for controlling plastic pollution in manufacturing and producing, consider policy from prohibition or plastic replacement, the responsibility of manufacturers.

Joined discussion about the plastic usage situation in Vietnam of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu receive the special attention of others speakers. The report point out that plastic bag usage, nylon-bag in Vietnam is at alert rate. Speakers suggests the technology solution that using disposable bio-plastic bag as the alternatives for nylon-bag. The collected archive from the research, which conducted by the Faculty of Environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University, is important.

Apart from 2 problem of water resources and plastic pollution, the renewable energy problemd; BIM in sustainable design; reduce and observation air-pollution; internal motivation which presented in the reports of presenters contain new, interesting information and possible solutions.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong g

Presentation of Prof. Dr. Ngo Van Nong (Nagoya University, Japan) focus on introducing themo-electrical materials), which transform the gap of temperature into electricity … Following the evaluations of heat to produce electricity, it can apply in device in IoT to manage environment, and devices.

Prof.Dr. Tsunemi Watanabe (Kochi Technology University, Japan) reports “Institutional analysis for sustainable development of local constructors in Japan”, implementing information technology into construction. Professor show that the implementation of IoT into construction is the advancement that Vietnam need to learn, adapt this sustainable developing trend for construction industry.

Relating sustainable design, Dr. Le Hung Tien (Dean of Engineering Faculty, Van Lang University) presents “Design optimization using building information modeling (BIM) for sustainable design”, point out that optimization using BIM – a information technology application in architecture, construction and electronic… BIM help optimizing  the cost for the whole life-cycle of the project from designing to constructing and running.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong h

Dr. Ho Quoc Bang (Centre of Environmental Technology, Institute for Environment and Resources, National University of Ho Chi Minh City) present the data collecting methods, measurement and air pollution assessment. The results is beneficial for urban planning or industrial process zone planning in Ho Chi Minh City. Dr. Ho Quoc Bang show great interest in Dr. Le Hung Tien presentation, questions and further discuss after the conference.

Technical elements in energy saving, cost saving also mentioned in the conference’s discussion, like: “Integrated, cross-border approach for raducing GHF emissions” (Mr. Ger Groeneveld, Netherland), “Technical evaluation of the efficient use of solar water heater” (Dr. Do Tri Nhut, Faculty of Engineering of Van Lang University),… The research project that creates opportunities to optimize natural resources and cost saving, emission.

dh van lang tieu ban moi truong i

In the afternoon meeting, experts discuss and exchange ideas of projects co-running. Apart from building research network, the achievement of the conferences is 07 MOU of academic cooperation and research, there are 04 signed MOU cooperating with Faculty of environment and Biotechnology of Van Lang University, 03 MOU signed with Faculty of Engineering Van Lang University.

1. Van Lang University – Wageningen University: Research on plastic waste; post-graduate students exchange.
2. Van Lang University – School of Economics and Management – Kochi University of Technology: Applying zero waste in tourism: Connecting disadvantaged people.
3. Van Lang University – Nam Hung Phu Company: Research on applied bioproduct for nitrogen-rich waterwaste treatment.
4. Van Lang University – Kochi University of Technology: Graduate students exchange;
5. Van Lang University -Nagoya University – AIT: freshwater processing from seawater project.
6. Van Lang University – Nagoya University: Data Science application (A.I, IoT, …) for environmental management.
7. Van Lang University – Nagoya University: Thermo-Electrics application for IoT.

To conclude scientific seminars “sustainable design and climate change adaptation”,  Prof. Dr. Kim Neil Irvine (Nangyang University, Singapore) reviews: “International scientific conference was well organized. This is essential to motivate international cooperation in research, as it show the potential of Van Lang that help connect Van Lang with partners or organization. The discussed topic in the conference is appropriate with the global trend”.

Nguyen Lien
Photos: Anh Tinh, Nguyen Linh

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