International Conference “Social Design-Vietnam Design Trend 2025”

 (Admission & Media Van Lang, 10/4/2019) – From 9-10/4/2019, Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts of Van Lang University hosts the International Scientific Conference “Social Design-Vietnam Design Trend 2025” with the participation of authority, organizations, experts, designers, and business from Australia, Korea, Netherland, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

International Scientific Conference “Social Design-Vietnam Design Trend 2025” of Faculty of Industrial Arts of Van Lang University includes in the series International Art and Design Workshop – IADW 2019.

vlu25 design conf aThe topic, Van Lang’s conference has 39 presentations, researches of artist, designers, scientist domestic and international. The presentations are collected and published in the book of Design Conference: Social Design -Vietnam Design Trend 2025 (Publisher. Culture-Arts, ISBN 978-604-68-5469-2).

Through presentations of educational experts and art design experts, the conference receive feedbacks about social perspective with the idea “Social Design”, social design following global trends and having the position in the design industry, which influence national growth and art education.

Scientific Conference was organized at 3rd Campus of Van Lang University (80/68 Duong Quang Ham, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City; 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City).

vlu25 design conf c

At the 1st Conference (Hoang Sa 1 Meeting Room – LV Building 3rd campus of Van Lang University), Including Dr. Nguyen Dung, Chai and Former President of Van Lang University; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Nghia Phuong – Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, Prof. Kim Yang Shu – Kookmin University (Korea). 08 presentations which has been presented in the Conference, including:

  1. Prof. Lee Jin Gu (Handong University, Korea) – “Design by Intuition”

  2. Artist Lee Hee Gon (Korea) – “Mascot of PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Winter Games – Design Process and Marketing”

  3. Prof. Yahnshu Ghim (Kookmin University, Korea) – “Design and Government Administrative Services”.

  4. Mr. Randall Chung (CEO, LJ Motor, Korea) – “Transportation Design”

  5. Artist Nguyen Xuan Viet (Vietnam Fine Arts Association) – “A sustainable and traditional material”

  6. Speakers Park Jun Sang (senior designer – Samsung Electrics) – “Sustainable Design for Community Development”.

  7. Dr. Vichaya Mukdamanee (Silpakorn University, Thailand) – “Thailand Bienale, Krabi, 2018 – the collaboration between art, nature and community”.

  8. Artist Le Huy Tiep (Vietnam Fine Arts Association) – “Fine Arts follows social trends”

  9. Prof.Jung Kyu Sang (Hyupsung University, Korea) – “A Strategy of Public Design in Rapid Urbanization”

vlu25 design cconf b

For many discussions of designers, Korean scholar, having the direct topic from traditional design and modern of Korea, the 2nd Conference room which is exchanged various vies about this problem. Dr. Ma Thanh Cao (former Director of Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh City – lecturer of Van Lang University) share with the discussion of Mr. Min Young Sam (Chairman of DNA, Korea) about the importance of cultural heritage toward design in Korea. Due to the discussion, Mr. Min young Sam illustrate many examples about the appreciation of Korean for traditional culture; despite the modern and simplified design, the thought for tradition still survive in the sketch and designed color.

vlu25 design conf d

Listening to the discussion, Nguyen Quan the researchers support the idea that design does not follow customer’s demand but create trend instead. The designer who create the new definition about the beauty and lead the demand of society, which contribute to the change and development of society in better direction. Community designer believe in the future, social design will be the important trend.

To sum up 2 conferences, Dr. Nguyen Dung and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Nghia Phuong thank you to speakers, leaders of Van Lang University, the event organizers and conclude:

  1. This Conference is the agreement on the important role of Fine Arts and Social Design in the sustainable development of society and make people happier. The precious experience on developing Fine Arts and Social Design in many countries which will be beneficial for development planning in Vietnam. Social Design now and then become an absolute trend in this specific industry.
  2. The conference has agreed on the comments of fine arts and Vietnam design: Vietnam fine arts has developed based on the traditional base, receive the achievement of global arts, earned a position in the region. Social design has appeared in Vietnam and have some clear steps forward, especially in the renovation policy, doing market economy. However, Vietnam design yet still catch the global trend, with many research problems in the applied educational industry. 
  3. The developing trend of Vietnam Fine Arts for people and for community: Fine Art training and design need a remarkable change “learning to serve community”. The training program not only focus on specialized knowledge, but also equip social science and humanities knowledge. To sustainably develop a society and improving citizen life, Fine Arts and Design need an achievement in Fine Arts, scientific technology, inherit and appreciate cultural value, the unique creativity of artist. One the criteria for success is the supports, responsibility of authority TW, local and connectivity of community.
  4. Due to that foundation, ideas, discussion, research of the conference will be collected in the Conference book, which become  the research and learning reference of students, lecturers of Van Lang University and share with training institution having research, learning demand of business that have attention towards Fine Arts and Social Design. This is the precious resources on the development and global integration at Van Lang University, which has the footprint of 25 years university establishment.

Tue Khanh

Photos: Nguyen Linh

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